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The Coffee Philosophy

Coffee is art, coffee is wonderful, coffee is honest and coffee is a symbol to communicate. “Do you want coffee?” This is a favorite question of Indonesian people to stranger when they first met.

Indonesian Beverage

Poirot as linguist

“There is not much against him, except the fact that nothing is known of his antecedents, and that he speaks too many languages for a good Englishman! 804 more words

Funny Little Episode Details

Holiday's Over

I’m terrible at doing and updating things constantly. Whether it’s playing guitar, or learning Spanish, or updating this blog, something always gets in the way. I always manage to find some reason not to. 355 more words


And So Begins My Whole30 Journey

There are five stages to making a decision. Precontemplation. Contemplation. Preparation. Action. Maintenance. Some points are deceptive as you believe you are farther along than you really are. 600 more words

My Whole30 Journey

Coffee Monday

Some mornings require straight black coffee.

Have a good Monday!




Perfect start of the day…

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