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The summer of 2015, a watershed moment when tired old ways give way to new life, a fresh way to live, love, work, and play. 764 more words

A Woman's Perspective

Loving Me

Can I love the shield and spears that stand for me?
Can I love the black that is on my skin?
Can I love the tight curls in my kink? 135 more words


Re-thinking Africa- Four Pillars to accelerating Africa growth: A Psycho-social Perspective

I woke up this morning with Africa on my mind, Not for the first time- I live for it and it’s my work everyday, but todday I ma thinking of something specific- reflecting on how sometime as Pro-Africans we think about our problems. 1,402 more words


Stephan Bantu Biko As An African Existentialist Philosopher

What Specifies African(a) Existential Philosophy?

How can Steve Biko’s engagements be thought to be related to, and differentiated from existential(ist) philosophy?

We cannot know what specifies African(a) existentialist philosophy without knowing the distinct features and characteristics of the philosophical traditions founded in Africa. 922 more words

An Unweeded Garden

Following on from my previous two posts, this is my dissertation proposal. Any feedback always gratefully received. Peace and love fellow space travellers

An Unweeded Garden – Articulating the Black Diaspora… 2,692 more words

The Beginning Is The End

An Unweeded Garden

An Unweeded Garden – Chapter 1

‘Tree-adorned mountains loom like giant watchmen
posted at the gates of Paradise.
The distant hills look like a weary giant lady dressed in parrot green accented with dried-brush beige…
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One girl with courage is a revolution. But if all the girls in Africa share the same heroic courage for the continental cause, we would be free from any doubt that the Africa Revolution will materialize. 575 more words

Pan Africanism At Its Best