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Relevance Of Black Consciousness Today

To truly be able to determine whether Black Consciousness is relevant today, an analysis of the way South Africa has fared under the ANC’s administration is necessary, something that is outside the scope of this article. 759 more words

Black Consciousness


(ARAF) is a space that brings together black people and organizations which are committed to ending Racism by ending White Supremacy. We recognize that Racism affects all Black people irrespective of gender, age, language, educational levels, geographic location, class position, religious belief or political affiliation. 1,118 more words

Black History Month #BHM

“If you do not know what was; you cannot understand what is and you are therefore ill-prepared for what is yet to come. Wise people study history because it is cyclical in nature. 1,976 more words

Black Consciousness

Morality in Capitalism

Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, Steve Biko, Martin Luther King Jr. were all from the Afrikans school of thought. The perfect balance of spirit and self-reliance. 274 more words

Black Consciousness

My hair




Everything -ation,

The bottom line is,

My black hair cannot be question!

Pan Africanism At Its Best

Let's talk about black mentality

When someone says you have black mentality, they probably mean that you use a toothpaste as a creamer, a bath soap to rid indigestion or when you see yourself in the mirror, you will be like, “Who’s this?” and fight with that mirror. 466 more words

I Owe this to Sandra: The Annihilating Horror of a Modern American Lynching

Monday, December 21, 2015

11:21pm: the moment I learned that the killers at Waller County Jail would face no capital charges for the deliberate, violent, wordless lynching of Sandra Bland. 390 more words

Jawanza James Williams