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The White Women’s March

By Yejide Orunmila
President of ANWO (African National Women’s Organization)

From “Beyond the Women’s March: White Women’s Reparations to African People” Web Conference hosted by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. 946 more words

Black Power

Black Excellence: How Our Self-Hatred Impedes Progress 

The now-popular term “Black Excellence” always comes with a certain longing. In as much as accomplishments are celebrated, we lament the fact that such excellence is still the exception and not the norm. 673 more words

Notes on Manhood

It took a significant amount of fortitude for me to compose this piece. My manhood, and by extension Black manhood, is not something that I have ever actually examined. 1,437 more words


Citizen of Blackness

Have you ever wondered why everywhere you have dark-skinned people, whether they’re in Harlem or Haiti, in Abuja or Atlanta, they’re the most poor? The most looked down upon? 405 more words


How an Understanding of Race as a Social Construct Strengthens the Call for Black Liberation

A depiction of Bacon’s Rebellion, the 1676 event believed to usher the start of the racial caste system that legitimized the enslavement of African people in the United States./ … 1,830 more words

Grassroots Organizing

Happy birthday, Mr. Biko

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon today’s Google Doodle which featured South African anti-apartheid activist and father of the Black Consciousness movement; Steve Biko. 478 more words

Travel Stories

Emancipate Yourself (For Bantu Steve Biko, RIP/HBD)

Before I begin, I would like to ask you a question. What exactly is White supremacy? For all the “woke” people reading this, this may seem like a “no duh” question. 546 more words