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Citizen of Blackness

Have you ever wondered why everywhere you have dark-skinned people, whether they’re in Harlem or Haiti, in Abuja or Atlanta, they’re the most poor? The most looked down upon? 405 more words


How an Understanding of Race as a Social Construct Strengthens the Call for Black Liberation

A depiction of Bacon’s Rebellion, the 1676 event believed to usher the start of the racial caste system that legitimized the enslavement of African people in the United States./ … 1,830 more words

Grassroots Organizing

Happy birthday, Mr. Biko

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon today’s Google Doodle which featured South African anti-apartheid activist and father of the Black Consciousness movement; Steve Biko. 478 more words

Travel Stories

Emancipate Yourself (For Bantu Steve Biko, RIP/HBD)

Before I begin, I would like to ask you a question. What exactly is White supremacy? For all the “woke” people reading this, this may seem like a “no duh” question. 546 more words


Rats & Gypsies

New York is something,
When taken with a broken heart, she whispers.
Falsetto whistle in her gullet.
Medal in her tobacco teeth.
Fingernails of lost boys on her tongue. 355 more words

The Human Condition

The Networking Secret Every Millennial Should Know about Their Mentor

Yesssss!!! 2016 has been a year of women running the world. Ask Beyonce. Ask Hilary. Ask Taraji. Tell yourself and embrace it! It is our time ladies and it feels great. 656 more words

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