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What Would Steve Biko Think of Me if He Were Alive Today?

Ever since I began reading snippets of Steve Biko’s famous I Write What I Like: Steve Biko (1987), in particular Chapter 5, ‘Black Souls in White Skins?’, I’ve been wondering to myself what a man like Biko would think of me were he still alive today. 1,607 more words


Reclaiming “Political correctness”

One of the most annoyingly overused terms in modern times is without a doubt “political correctness”. The term has come to be used as a pejorative meaning speech that avoids language that might cause offense, particularly to already marginalised groups. 802 more words

Black Consciousness

Transraciality pt. 1: White Supremacy and Black Consciousness

Note: This Post is the first of a series exploring my personal thoughts on Transraciality. Seeing as I have no idea how long I may explore this topic and how many posts this series may be, I’ll keep a link to my introduction… 1,772 more words

Life And Times

Lets Build : A New Black Consciousness panel discussion

The revolution of the mind continues.

This panel series created and moderated bu Que Butter and Mark McPhee serves as a platform for the efficient and consistant communication between active constituents in the Black and Latino communities to exchange ideas, concepts and methods of overcoming the issues plaguing us. 13 more words


Understanding Black Consciousness

I have presented at several panel discussions around the topic of “Black Consciousness.” The term – like many – has become cliche and oversimplified. Naturally, any term we use with such regularity has great meaning for us. 1,097 more words



There is a world wide Revolution going on.

To be continued…

Pan Africanism At Its Best

All in The Name of Democracy

In the year 1976, my mother was nine years old, my aunt was sixteen and my uncle was twelve. The three of them were put into a bus heading to Hammanskraal on the outskirts of Gauteng so that they might get protected due to the on-going protests. 868 more words

The Troubled Young Adult