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We're a good partnership, you and I!

There is immense revolutionary power in numbers united behind a common goal. The eternal essence of this truth was realised by colonialists  and thus proceeded with their imposition when they divided and conquered the original people of Africa. 1,028 more words


Remembering Steve Biko, 38 years on

Tuesday 18 August 2015, SABC News Report —

On August 18, 1977 Steve Biko and his colleague and comrade, Peter Cyril Jones were arrested at a roadblock after they had travelled to Cape Town to lend their weight in an effort to get all political organisations fighting for liberation to agree on a broader program of co-operation. 84 more words

Did the Black Consciousness Movement spark the Soweto riots? (BCM South Africa)

A friend of mine, in an attempt to rebuff the significance of the Black Consciousness Movement, said: “Black Consciousness was the principal factor that triggered the youth of Soweto to revolt against oppression.” I don’t believe he was completely correct so I decided to write a bit on the causes of the  546 more words


HEAL THE BLACK WOMAN's Heart, Mind & Body THEREFORE… She becomes her Family's Core


At seventeen, I was pregnant with my daughter, Keisha. The only support available was with Keisha’s dad. His family was a tight knit clan that gave her a sense of home when my own was falling apart. 662 more words

A Woman's Perspective


The Marikana massacre brutally thrust  blacks into naked enemy fire at the ANC barricades. Objectively, this moment in history marked the spiritual death of black faith in the ANC and the birth of a revolutionary consciousness seeking a revolutionary home. 802 more words

Sextet Sizzles In Soest

“How can I say this … This evening was so full of humanity because it combined the strongest pain the topic Apartheid brings with the love of life of our South African musicians” – Mathias Johansen… 319 more words

New Skool Orchestra