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Black Solidarity and the Quest of a Non-Racial Humanity: Biko's Enduring Political Dilemma

Dr M John Lamola  writes that, Steve Biko’s philosophy of Black Consciousness argued that a racially defined black solidarity could bring about a nonracial future in South Africa. 3,557 more words

Social And Political Issues

Building a Thriving Community

We have kissed the feet of Angels.

walked the dark pathway to the Heavens.

sat with the babies!

nursed the sick.

tended to those who have lost their way. 113 more words

Womanist Empowerment

The Russian Revolution, Africa and the Diaspora

This article is part of Black Perspective’s forum, “Black October,” on the Russian Revolution and the African Diaspora.

Hakim Adi

From the time of the Great October Revolution in 1917, Africans and those of African heritage around the world gravitated towards the revolutionary events in Russia and… 2,597 more words


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Since a very long time, blacks have faced the discrimination based on their skin color. This discrimination is not confined to a particular place in the world but it exists pretty much everywhere around the globe. 243 more words

Introducing 7even

As I tap deeper into my divinity,
And I feel all these high vibrations around me
I feel inspired,
I feel empowered,
I feel the powers of the youniverse taking me higher, 114 more words

"What's with the hair?"

I don’t wear my hair natural because I want attention. I don’t wear my hair natural because its a trend. I don’t wear my hair natural because my crush said he likes natural girls better. 472 more words

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