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Introducing 7even

As I tap deeper into my divinity,
And I feel all these high vibrations around me
I feel inspired,
I feel empowered,
I feel the powers of the youniverse taking me higher, 114 more words

"What's with the hair?"

I don’t wear my hair natural because I want attention. I don’t wear my hair natural because its a trend. I don’t wear my hair natural because my crush said he likes natural girls better. 472 more words

Black Consciousness

Re-Imagine Feminine Leadership PART 2

PART 11:  Cultivating Revolutionary Relationships

In the New Feminine Leadership Culture

Once attuned to the natural world we women become self-organizing, harmonious and whole. There will be no need to look outside oneself for redemption. 1,287 more words

Womanist Empowerment

VIDEO: Black Man EXPOSES Colin Kaepernick

I’ve been telling y’all this protest from Colin Kaepernick wasn’t genuine at all & now people in the “Black Conscious” community are starting to say the same thing too.This video may or may not change your mind or thoughts but atleast listen to what is said. 80 more words

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I wasn’t going to bother ruminating about Andile Mngxitama. I really wasn’t. From far off, he just seemed like another common-or-garden crazy person. In photographs he resembles a black Trump: shouty face, big mouth, spittle-flecked, pointy finger. 989 more words

South Africa

*EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO: The Black Woman's "Money" Is God

Yup, black women’s money is god almighty to pro black movements & ideology of the hustlers in Dashikis. Alot of these women have low self esteem & have never had strong male role models int heir lives.These conscious SIMPS take advantage of that insecurity & put these women on a pedestal that’s doesn’t really exist. 23 more words

Black Men

For The Love of Hip Hop

Let’s be frank about it, the Hip Hop culture thrives on trouble. This is not hard to tell as this music represents one of the most formidable sound-tracks of Urban/Ghetto life. 1,160 more words

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