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In a continent still plagued by abject poverty, civil wars, diseases and corrupt governments, this Africa Day, we must ask whether there is anything really that Africans can celebrate? 600 more words


The dream. The vision.

You see me smile a smile full and bright.
Walk with a gait so springy it’s as if i’ll bounce off.
You see me converse, endless words flowing from my mouth, 126 more words

Black Consciousness

Black Thought Symposium: Rethinking society

The first meeting of the Black Thought Symposium for 2015 was held in the basement of the popular bar/hotel The Bannister. A strange combination. Upstairs, young people were dancing to popular, hip sounds, while downstairs, this group was debating what black consciousness and blackness mean in contemporary South Africa. 400 more words

Mduduzi Ndlangamandla: He has mastered the art of Accountancy

We should take enormous delight when our achievements are directly confronting the myth that ancient Africa was absent of civilization. The project of deconstructing this myth had gained its momentum in the cognitive consciousness of the masses on the ground. 177 more words

Pan Africanism At Its Best

Reflections on the politics of origin identity…who are you- and how do you know?

One of the more interesting phenomenon I experience whenever I introduce myself is the question “Where are you from?” or more accurately “Where is home?” Many times I struggle to answer that because my origin identity orientation is rather warped. 785 more words

Word of the Day 5.4.15: HOTEP

A Hotep (sometimes referred to as an Ankh) is a pseudo conscious Black man (usually) with regressive gender and sexuality politics rooted in the pro-African pseudo science and appropriated African culture. 115 more words

Word Of The Day

Black beauty pageants are central Eurocentric conformists

In countering projects already established by our former colonisers, we are not only validating the so called ‘inferiority complex’ that we are believed to experience, but we are also making history within a platform set by Euro-American modernity. 285 more words

Pan Africanism At Its Best