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We Give

We give
We give like the rose
Gives scent
And the tree gives shade

You take.
Take and regurgitate. 79 more words


@LiveLoveLakesha on #BlackLivesMatter

I’ve wanted to do a post on #BlackLivesMatter for a while now. Why I hesitated: being a white Canadian citizen I didn’t want to offend anyone or portray things in an incorrect manner. 580 more words

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What a sad, sad day it will be
for the millennial Uncle Tom’s
of our generation. The Stacey Dash’s,
Ben Carson’s, Omarosa’s, and Azealia Banks’. 408 more words


How To Get Your Boaz: If You Are A Black Single Mother

Research shows that 75% of black children are raised by black single mothers. Meaning most black women are single mothers. How tragic. I refused this portion and got my Boaz. 1,346 more words


So above so below

You melanin is conscious!

It is a physical manifestation of the entire electro magnetic spectrum, so that means that where ever you are, any light that is like you, your melanin is going to be able to pick that up and relay it to your brain because every granule of melanin is directly sitting on a nerve ending, because it is a neuron, it is a form of brain tissue. 64 more words

"Get Out": A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

By Monica Torres

Spoilers Ahead

It’s dark. You’re walking down a sidewalk in a quiet suburban neighborhood, the kind with trimmed shrubs, bay windows and manicured front lawns. 2,009 more words


Nancy Abu-Bonsrah Becomes Johns Hopkins First Black Female Neurosurgeon 

In this week’s adventures of Black Girl Magic, Nancy Abu-Bonsrah, found out that she matched at Johns Hopkins Hospital on annual Match Day for graduating physicians. 112 more words