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Innocent/Guilty "Until"

Having just heard the verdict about the policeman who murdered Philando Castile, seeing Nick Cave’s exhibit “Until” at Mass MOCA was not only timely but even more devastating. 321 more words

Black Culture Vs. Pop Culture: Why We're Suppressing The Next Black Renaissance

At age 13, I was a brown belt in Isshin-Ryu karate and the second biggest kid in my class. At 14, I could tell you that the origins of “Superman” actually trace back to German literature. 789 more words


TWUNNYseven Keys to Being My Best Me

It was the Tuesday before I was turning 27. Here I was, getting ready to take my birthday trip in two days, and I couldn’t be more excited. 386 more words

Black Culture

KandyGem #10: SayMyName Say My Name Please (explicit content)

Side Note: The performance was Wednesday night this post was written Thursday so the time references are written as such. I am a bit of a stickler for presentation so it takes me awhile to actually post… 3,102 more words


I watch a lot of TV- and by that I mean illegally streaming shows via FMovies and claiming to have TV license anytime I use iPlayer. 735 more words

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FATHERS AND SONS (Play Written by Prisoners)

Edited by:
Donald “C-Note” Hooker and Mohammed White Ali

A once in a generation work of art that gives voice to the boy in every man, and to the man who needs to be heard by every boy. 715 more words