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got privilege? : Thoughts on White Privilege in America

by: Terrence A. Merkerson

***This is not written to offend, admonish, or shame anyone specifically. It is purely to acknowledge the systematic privileges afforded to the dominant that creates unfair advantages and puts marginalized groups at a significant detriment. 1,070 more words


On "Getting Old"

Giggling people who want to take shots at people nearing thirty for “getting older” ask “Who is ‘N Sync??” in loud obnoxious voices and in all caps online. 241 more words

Public Service Announcement

Can a black man talk about white culture? An open letter to critics

African American writer Rich Benjamin spent two years living in — and writing about — America’s whitest neighborhoods. The response to his book (and TED Talk) was honest, raw — and sometimes misunderstood his purpose. 1,071 more words



Afropunk resulta ser el festival más consistentemente en estilo y originalidad, bueno porque, la cultura negra, latina africana inmigrante es suculenta, hay tantas raices, tantas tradiciones, y lo bueno que tiene nuestra generación es que tiene el poder de combinar todo esto para crear un nuevo planteamiento a la estética de esta cultura emergente. 42 more words


"Bring It On" Brings New Meaning

The other day was the 15th anniversary of the premiere of the original Bring It On movie. Now for most people this movie has always been deemed as one of the first popular cheerleader movies that involves not only impressive cheerleading, but a bit of humor to it.   512 more words


AFROPUNK in a nutshell

AFROPUNK 2015 was the embodiment of carefree.

Beautiful Black and Brown people came from all corners of the world and convened in Brooklyn(!) to celebrate music, fashion, and black culture. 167 more words


A Black Person Answers . . . Buzzfeed's 24 Questions Black People Have For White People

Goddammit, Buzzfeed. I like your videos sometimes. This is just stupid though. Maybe if they were all tongue-in-cheek like the first question about scary movies this video would actually be funny, but it’s not. 3,408 more words

DP On Activism