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Ashes to Ashes: Toxicity in the African American Community

Anyone who has eyes can see. There are some serious issues in the black community that have been swept under the rug, written off, or kept completely hidden for years. 779 more words


Culture Appropriation

To all my black brothers and sisters. To all my Asian brother and sisters. To all my Latino/a brothers and sisters. To all my poc brothers and sisters. 566 more words

African American

Amir's 'BLACNE'

Music by Amir Mitchell-Townes
Commentary by Nathaniel Stephens II

Amir Mitchell-Townes, a multi-talented BLACK youth, is giving mad hope to all who worry of the future of hip hop. 1,217 more words


'Damn.' Kendrick

How’s it going Chatter?

In today’s blog I would like to discuss my opinion of Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album . Since his first debut in 2011 on the interlude… 373 more words

Social Justice

Cardi B, Will 4Ever B PoppinĀ 

I must admit when Cardi B first hit the Love & Hip Hop scene I was like this chick is ratchet at its finest. However, my opinion of here has changed. 123 more words


How This Web Series Will Be The New Face of Black Womanhood


For as long as I can remember, black women being portrayed in creative spaces as funny, strong, fierce and sexy just didn’t happen. If we were lucky (and I use that word loosely), we got to play the sassy sidekick with no deeper substance. 779 more words

All Over The Avenue