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Radio Raheem: Art vs. Life

Black Culture took a direct shot to the heart following the loss of actor Bill Nunn. Nunn was best known for his role as Radio Raheem in the 1989 Spike Lee Film “Do The Right Thing”. 528 more words

Black America
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Dear Cam Newton,

America tries to emasculate the greats. Murdered Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes. “Rumble young man, rumble!” They try to dim your lights until you’re more humble.

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I just want to pack my bag and baggage, and leave this place for good or bad or both. I am tired of waking up every morning just to count Black faces – I am sorry, did I hurt your feelings? 902 more words

[Karlito's Korner] A Message To Law Enforcement:

This is really all that I have to say this week. Rest In Peace Terrence Crutcher and every BLACK male/female who fell victim to police mistreatment, brutality, violence and racism. 395 more words

Black History

Space Dandy

Where do I even begin with this damn show lol. I fucking love it. In the first few minutes he states he loves boobs. He travels for a bit to a space station that’s basically an intergalactic version of Hooters. 175 more words

Where to find anime

Honestly these days almost everyone I know has some sort of personal internet provider. Finding anime is relatively easy. If you’re dedicated crunchyroll.com is a solid source for anime from damn near all time lines. 139 more words