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Solange's 9-Minute Medley Of 'When I Get Home' On 'The Tonight Show'

Sis Solo took to ‘The Tonight Show’ stage to give viewers a medley from her classic album, ‘When I Get Home.’

via Complex:

Solange strung together “Taking on the Light,” “Things I Imagined,” “Down with the Clique,” “Binz,” and “Almeda” to create a nine-minute set for Fallon. 195 more words


Queen me Slim


Listen…I saw Queen & Slim last night, and it was first and foremost cinematic excellence.

“Why Black people always have to be excellent? Why can’t we just be ourselves” 1,053 more words


Viola Davis Thoughts On The 'Ridiculous' Idea of Julia Roberts Playing Harriet Tubman: I'm 'Concerned'

Viola Davis is responding to the news that a studio executive once suggested Julia Roberts to play abolitionist Harriet Tubman in a movie about her life. 350 more words


(Editorial Pitch) Hood Culture: Let's Appreciate it More (I'm so Hood Awards)

When it comes to our culture, most of what we do starts in the hood. From rigging something up real quick to the styles we even wear, our way of life — the creativity — comes from our ability create with hood and ghetto influences, when it’s just simply another aspect of our Black culture. 223 more words


Damn! I Love Being Black

I’m originally from the South – Mississippi to be exact. After attending an HBCU,THEE Jackson State University, and living in Atlanta, the main thang I love about being Black is that we are versatile and can really do anythang. 236 more words


About Writing About Blackness

Black culture ≠ pain.

Recognizing our marginalization is vital but we are not defined by the pain inflicted by white supremacy. Recognize our holidays. Our cuisine. 333 more words

Black Students

Born OTD in 1949, Jamaican singer Marcia Griffiths. "How Marcia Griffiths came to find herself at Studio One is a story of being in the right place at the right time, although in Kingston during the 1960s, right places were plentiful as musicians of all types were springing up all around - sound systems on corner after corner, trombones & trumpets in Coxsone Dodd's, Duke Reid's & Leslie Kong's studios.."

In a music world that was rougher than rough, where men took monikers of royalty and machismo like Duke and King and Lord; where boastful ringleaders fired guns into the air after descending a throne carried by their legions of followers, bandoliers crisscrossing their chests, ermine on their shoulders; where violent gangs stormed dances to “mash up,” breaking sound system equipment and smashing bottles of beer on brick walls, how was a little girl with a sweet song in her soul to have a chance? 11 more words