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Black responsibility and government intervention

Lo, and behold!

The Wilmington StarNews Editorial Board has given some space to a token black conservative on the OP/ED page. But I doubt that they will accept the truth he tells—we’ll never know. 465 more words

Cultural Deterioration

Ask A Black Chick is Coming Back & I Want YOU to Join The Community!

Ask a Black Chick, the series that I created to give black women an opportunity and a platform to make their voices heard on real topics from real people is coming back this Spring! 192 more words

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Melanin Mondays ][ the Black Project #26

Have a submission for Melanin Mondays?  Submit your picture or video here! Missed a Melanin Monday? Revisit the archives here
Melanin Mondays

“Make Yours a Happy Home” in 2017

On New Year’s Eve I happened to be driving from Austin Texas back to San Antonio, when a disc jockey on Soul Town 49, Sirius XM Radio (I couldn’t live in San Antonio without XM radio) played one of my favorite songs from the past. 771 more words

Black Culture

3  Ways To Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

​​Many only see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day as just another day off of work. For a man who devoted his life to racial equality and economic advancements for African-Americans, this day should be used as a day of reflection and action. 198 more words


Barack Hussein Obama II, 44th President of the United States—how good must we be to gain their respect? :: Christian Fabien

Christian Fabien

January 12, 2017

If Barack Obama doesn’t represent the end of respectability politics, nothing does.

If the way that man dropped his middle name and lost all accent and did limbo—drinking in Irish pubs and eating sloppy joes and casseroles and killing Muslims and keeping the military industrial complex’s wars and not taking Billy John’s guns; toning down his own swag and terrorist fist bumps, no longer brushing off his shoulder—did nothing to make whyte America feel safe, there’s no argument to be made for appeasing the boogey men in the minds of whyte folks. 805 more words