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Black History Month: Every Month?

Can you believe it’s already October? and it’s also Black History Month in the UK? The time when black culture is celebrated at every corner. Reminiscing of the moments of the most famous black people in history. 279 more words


KandyGem #25: That Damn J.O.B.

Uggghhh I hate work. It’s the bane of my existence yet so necessary to exist. My job is not even the worse one out there. But it is one of the worse as far as missing all the fundays. 644 more words


[Film] Marvel unveils a second trailer and new movie poster for Black Panther

Are your edges still there? I think mine are snatched. On Monday the second trailer of Black Panther was released and damn it’s amazing! If you were never a comic fan then this is the time for you to do your research, because you don’t want to miss the family reunion. 64 more words


The Tale Of Catherine Devereux part 2.

“So if the slaves worked hard they didn’t have to worry about getting whipped?,” asked Zoe.

“Not necessarily, overseers sometimes found reasons to whip the slaves.” 305 more words


The Tale of Catherine Devereux part 1.

“Zoe how was school?”


“Just ok?”


“What did you learn today?”

“Since its black history month we talked about Martin Luther King in History class.” 320 more words


Baltimore, Maryland- Can We Rise? (Inspiration from a Baltimore School)

If you live anywhere in the world right now, and you pay attention to the News. If you care about other human beings. If the site of children being held by parents as they walk through waist high waters, bothers you. 93 more words

HOW WE PRAY: In the Era of New Jim Crow

Oh Allah! Thank you for waking me up and my family up this morning; a day that was not promised to us!

Thank you for all the blessings we’ve received, and the blessings we are yet to receive! 117 more words