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Foodie Friday Video

If you missed your Favourite Farm Girl on CTV’s Foodie Friday with Bruce Williams have no fear, you can check out the segment online.


Currant affairs

At the start of July we took a hard-earned break in the sun. Prior to our departure the red currants and black currants were just ripening up into what was promising to be a bumper harvest. 368 more words

Gardening Times

Remaining Currant

About a year ago I got a request from a friend to prune her black currant bushes. She has lots of them.

After I finished, I took the prunings home to distribute to other friends and to propagate for ourselves. 55 more words


There are four blackcurrant bushes in my fruitcage and because of that I have a decent harvest. The first year on the allotment none of my fruit bushes were covered and the result was that the birds had a wonderful feast and I couldn’t make any jam! 45 more words

Fruit Cage

Week 7: Burgers & Scones

The Week 7 box came with more carrots, more cauliflower, more cabbage, more onions, green beans, lettuce, more beets, and the first of the summer corn. 1,067 more words

Green Beans

First Black Currants

I have been experimenting with small fruits in the back 40 (feet) of My Little Farm in Town. I am not a big fan of red currants but have had some wonderful experiences eating black currants made into jam. 120 more words

Gardening And Foraging

Quite unusual and very good indeed!

This unusual recipe from the 1936 National Mark Calendar of Cooking does really sound very good! It isn’t unusual in what the ingredients are… pastry, black currants, lemon, almonds, if you have the currants then probably everything else is in the cupboard, but it is the combination, the mixing of flavours: 121 more words