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Field Update

All of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes has started to take shape in the fields.

The top field is planted with a new crop of black currants and we have added a field of gooseberries. 99 more words

Intense gaming… 1. April 2015

 A banana

 Coffee and a rum cake flavoured quark dessert that was pretty horrible

 Fried rice and egg

 Soup with enoki mushrooms, potatoes and sour cream… 16 more words


Solar eclipse

What could surpass the excitement of getting a bokashi bin?

It was beautifully sunny when I woke up but the clouds decided to come out just in time for the moon to pass over the sun from about 9:30-10:30 this morning. 123 more words


No-Cooking, No-Canning Black Currant Jam

In my intermittent effort to make space in my freezers, I was delighted to come upon a bag of black currants yesterday. Just the day before, while pruning my currant bushes, I’d been dazed by the musky fragrance of the wood—the same intoxicating fragrance that wafts from the fruit and leaves of the black currant.* (And perhaps most of all from the buds, for it’s the buds that the French collect for perfume.) And I’d suddenly realized that I’d neglected to make raw black currant jam last summer. 247 more words


Food from the forest

Cold but beautifully sunny, yesterday was volunteer workday at Old Sleningford Farm in North Yorkshire. We love these days for so many reasons. For me, it is the opportunity to be amongst like-minded people and learn useful facts and techniques about growing (in a permaculture context). 164 more words



The soft fruit on the allotment is well organised and ready for the spring.

Raspberries have been planted on a separate plot, in double rows and the paths between the rows lined with a membrane to (try) to stop the weeds from invading. 267 more words