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Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer by Janice Knowlton

Two Thumbs Down

I cringe every time I think of this book. I can certainly give credit where credit is due here; it took some real bravery to write and publish this story and to endure the public scrutiny. 292 more words

Cold Cases

Black Dahlia Murder: The Books

So, I said I was going to get back to writing ASAP… I think I will jump in head-first here, continuing with my Black Dahlia Series… 105 more words

Cold Cases

I love True Crime and I cannot lie

I met my best friend in grad school, when we both discovered we shared the same guilty secret/pleasure:  our love of true crime. This took place in a Midwestern English grad program in the early/mid 1990s, when we shared a square, windowless office at the end of a long, windowless hall, across from some fellow grad student boys who thought they were so smart, and talked more in class than most of the women.  470 more words

Who Killed Elizabeth Short? The Black Dahlia Series Part 1B - Elizabeth

At the start of 1947, Elizabeth Short was a beautiful, vibrant, hopeful 22-year-old woman with stars in her eyes. 15 days into the new year, she was the victim of one of the most heinous and senseless murders in American history; a crime that made England’s Jack the Ripper look like quite the amateur. 360 more words

Cold Cases

Who Killed Elizabeth Short? The Black Dahlia Series Part 1A – Myths

Dispelling 10 Myths About Elizabeth Short and the Black Dahlia Murder Mystery

  1. Elizabeth’s middle name was Ann. This has never been substantiated by friends, family, or official documents.
  2. 592 more words
Cold Cases

Who Killed Elizabeth Short? The Black Dahlia Series Part 1

In 2004, I stumbled onto James Elroy’s fiction novel, The Black Dahlia. I found the story a bit “out there,” but all in all, I enjoyed the book. 314 more words

My Two Cents

Oracles - Miserycorde (Review)

Oracles are a metal band from Belgium, this is their debut album.

Featuring current and ex-members of Aborted, System Divide and Dimlight, as well as guests from current and ex-members of Black Dahlia Murder, Scar Symmetry, Nevermore and Arch Enemy, this is a release that’s something a little different and backed up by a wealth of experience. 200 more words