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Ex-Oh!, Chapter 30 - Broadway Dreamer

I was mortified to learn that I had crabs.

Like, how disgusting do you have to be to contract lice on your pubic hair? I was nauseated and horrified. 2,313 more words

Life... And Other Distractions

Marvin part 4

I agreed to meet Marvin on Monday afternoon. I was to go to his apartment.

I’d just been with Hank the night before and wondered how much of this I could handle. 420 more words

The Adventures

There goes Xiu Xiu's neighborhood | Communities dull to dangerous inspired band's Angel Guts: Red Classroom

“It’s hard to really quantify it other than to say, ‘a lot.’ A number of other things were happening at the time as well, but being in a place as environmentally stressful made those other stresses that much more acute. 10 more words


Dear Diary: Jacking Off In Public= Not Sexy

“I came out of the bathroom to head out to the main room and boom there it was.  A giant fucking black cock out, he was beating off and licking his lips like LL Cool J.”  Tina made a disgusted face as we squealed. 921 more words