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Economy of Rape

Writer: Kholeka Shange
Artwork: Ayanda Mabulu

“Akadeleli uqhuba intwala ngewisa” is an adage used by IsiZulu speakers to describe a person’s unrelenting insolence towards another. In the context of Ayanda Mabulu’s numerous visual depictions of President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma’s phallus, a number of conservative (IsiZulu speaking) traditionalists, ANC loyalists and some sectors of the South African public have utilized respectability as a tool to question Mabulu’s “Africanness” for “failing” to honour the elder-child dynamic wherein the child is expected to show respect for his or her elders at all times. 504 more words

Black Employment Policies has Created a Highly Corrupt Race-Based Black Elite (Nigger Freemasons) in South Africa

In South Africa it is illegal to hire a white person for a government job or give  a promotion to an existing white employee. 290 more words

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