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Laughter, Love and Respect

In 1936 my father had been in show business for nineteen years. He was forty-five years old. He had done so well that one newspaper wrote: This brings up the subject of Eddie Green, the fine comedian who appears occasionally on the Rudy Vallee hour. 528 more words

Afrikkanist Voices everywhere celebrate the life of Afeni Shukur.

Afeni Shukur

Afeni Shukur

Afeni Shukur

Afeni Shukur

Afeni Shukur

Throughout this amazing Queens journey in life I consider her to be one of the most influential African women in our community. 277 more words

Black Community

Beyonce & Jay Z Flaunt ‘Loving’ PDA On Date Night — Marriage Stronger Than Ever — Hollywood Life

This is one couple I hope never lets paparazzi dictate their relationship. Both Jay Z,and Beyonce have put in hard work and determination that it takes to be mega stars I salute them both and hope that they stay together forever. 159 more words


Sepia Pride

The above is a picture taken of the letterhead my father used during his 1939-41 movie making period. Eddie had two studios during his lifetime, the second studio he had was in Los Angeles in 1946-1950. 658 more words

It has been eleven days since my last post. Now that I have finished writing the biography of my father’s (Eddie Green) life and signed with a publisher I have been concentrating on the book cover design.  370 more words

Artist of the Moment: ELHAE

I listen to trapsoul. Now, before you judge me, you have to understand that I am an adamant R&B lover, I promise. If the beat sounds good and the vocals are on point, I will listen to the music. 67 more words

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When questioned about his recipe for success, my father Eddie Green said the best recipe that he has for success, is to find what you like to do and do it the best you know how. 337 more words