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Not the Usual Heat in This 'Den of Thieves'

Entertaining, if not always wholly original, crime drama

Gerard Butler in “Den of Thieves”

By T.T. Stern-Enzi

Power plays rule hockey, but they also dominate the outcome in the heist genre, which, in terms of film narratives, is the very definition of blood sport. 753 more words

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'The Post' Is Old News

Steven Spielberg’s journalism movie, about the pressures The Washington Post faced publishing the Pentagon Papers, benefits from Hanks and Streep but it’s no “Spotlight”

Steven Spielberg kicks off The Post, his telling of how The Washington Post defied the Nixon administration in 1971 by publishing the Pentagon Papers, with a late-1960s warfare sequence in Vietnam. 704 more words

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Love Takes Shape in 'Call Me By Your Name'

Director Luca Guadagnino captures a life-defining moment in rich detail

Timothée Chalamet (left) and Armie Hammer star in the slow-burn love story “Call Me By Your Name” 769 more words

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'I, Tonya' Sees Infamous Skater As Victim

New film is a gonzo biopic about Tonya Harding and stars Margot Robbie in a performance touted as award-worthy

Why is now the right time for a feature film about the infamous incident that turned figure skater Tonya Harding into a cultural villain? 695 more words

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Does 'The Last Key' Close The Door on The 'Insidious' Franchise?

The fight against the paranormal gets personal

By T.T. Stern-Enzi

Creators of hit franchises never know, at the very beginning, what elements will work, so decisions are made that sometimes can’t be altered without complex tinkering that defies the internal logic and mythology they are attempting to bake into their narrative worlds.  760 more words

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And the Nominees Are...

A prediction of the Academy Award finalists in acting, directing and Best Picture categories

Before you can look ahead to the new movies released in 2018, you first have to look ahead to the Academy Award nominations and selections for the best movies of 2017. 931 more words

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The High Stakes of 'Molly's Game'

When gambling on talent isn’t that much of a gamble at all

Jessica Chastain (left) plays Molly Bloom in her new drama with Idris Elba (right) 753 more words

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