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I simply can’t find the words (or the feelings behind the words) to describe the soulless hell that is this week’s reboot of Vacation. So instead, I’m daydreaming — thinking of movies that will never be. 718 more words

Black Eye

The black eye


Sophomore year  in high school.

The day before spring vacation, I was involved in an intense fist fight with a guy I hated (and still do).   334 more words


'Infinitely Polar Bear': Insight Beyond a Cute Title

The viewing experience sometimes needs to be shared, and I’m talking about films beyond the obvious genre exercises — the found-footage horrors where very little happens, seemingly made for midnight screenings, or the mythic displays of cartoonish world-beating violence that dominate the shared mythic realms of our comic book universes. 691 more words

Black Eye


monsters are never under your bed

they are inside your head

so tell me your worst fear

i bet it looks a lot like mine

'Mr. Holmes' Ties Up Loose Ends


By T.T. Stern-Enzi

Rating: PG, Grade: B+

I can’t say I’ve made the leap back to Arthur Conan Doyle’s celebrated detective. 675 more words

Black Eye

Teen Arrested In Tire Iron Attack On Man At Seal Beach Gas Station

SEAL BEACH (CBSLA.com) — A teenager has been arrested for the tire iron attack on a man at a gas station in Seal Beach last month. 316 more words


Marvel's Ant Caper Is Fast and Fun

Sometimes it pays off big to make a few small, albeit risky departures from convention. Take the case of Marvel Comics and Disney’s joint leap of faith with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this sprawling collection of stories and characters dependent upon the idea of a shared world in which heroes of all types — chemically enhanced super soldiers; brilliant inventors using technology to do the impossible; spies trained to push their bodies and abilities beyond human limits; mythic god-like figures able to command the elements; and, soon, practitioners of mystic arts — unite against common foes to defend the planet. 678 more words

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