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Choices Are Anything But Simple in 'Dheepan'

Choice often seems such a simple matter-of-fact thing. Back in 1991, the Hip Hop group Black Sheep summed it up like this on their song “The Choice is Yours”: “You can get with this, or you can get with that.” 651 more words

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Hello Bloggerverse!

I really want to come up with a catchphrase to start my blogs off with. Like how Sprinkle of Glitter says “Aloha Sprinklerinos” or how Mitchell Davis says “Hi, hello, this is Mitchell Davis.” Do I watch too many Youtubers? 815 more words

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The learning curve of life

I have been busy. I have been learning some remedial lessons from the Ye Olde School of Life. And they have been hard lessons. For those of you that follow along on Twitter and Facebook, you will be aware that one of those lessons was “Don’t use your face as a brake on asphalt.” Hour 4 … 267 more words


No 'Sex and the City' Clone


By T.T. Stern-Enzi

Every once in a great while, a blind spot emerges in my seemingly all-encompassing gaze over the cultural landscape. 722 more words

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5 July | Black Eye Coffee | Raphae

I’m back in Denver for the summer and I’ve been dying to go to this coffee shop/bar/ brunch restaurant for a while now. They opened in _____ and have two locations in the city. 354 more words

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Kate McKinnon of 'SNL' is a Great Ghostbuster

In the build-up toward the release of the reboot of 1984’s Ghostbusters, much has been made about the decision to go with an all-female cast. That buzz reached fever pitch once Paul Feig became the director. 671 more words

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Defining the Human Family Through 'The Music of Strangers'


By T.T. Stern-Enzi

Art may be the purest representation of culture. In its many forms, art captures community, history, social interaction and engagement, and civic spirit through the senses. 620 more words

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