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'Creed' Spins Off into It's Own Glorious Orbit

Right away, Ryan Coogler lets us know that we’re in good and special hands with Creed, his Rocky spinoff that arrives with not only the complete blessing of series creator Sylvester Stallone, but also with his quietly mesmerizing appearance as Rocky Balboa, the long-past-his-prime champion boxer living out the rest of his days in a fortress of solitude. 703 more words

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An Immigrant Finds a New Home in 'Brooklyn'


By T.T. Stern-Enzi

Rating: PG-13; Grade: A

Cornel West, in the introduction to “The Cornel West Reader,” reminds us that what it means to be American—the heart of the American Dream—is an embrace of the right to “self-create,” to make ourselves anew; that is the opportunity the country affords us. 641 more words

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Tough Guy Charms in 'Brooklyn'

I still remember the first time I took notice of actor Emory Cohen onscreen. In the Derek Cianfrance film The Place Beyond the Pines, he played the pampered son of Bradley Cooper’s reluctant cop-turned-hero. 698 more words

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A Resourceful Pair Breaks Out of 'Room'

We tell ourselves the world is a big place, but director Lenny Abrahamson (Frank), adapting Emma Donoghue’s novel Room, shows us just how infinite the space can truly be. 682 more words

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A Piercing 'Spotlight' Uncovers Hidden Truths

Journalism takes center stage in Tom McCarthy’s fine exposé

Rating: R  –  Grade: A

Every year the Toronto International Film Festival offers an exclusive look at many of the titles expected to factor into prestige season’s discussion of the best films of the year. 568 more words

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What We Mean When We Discuss All-American Stories

All of the great real-life sports dramas work from the same basic premise — that of an underdog facing nearly impossible odds with determination and an undeniable sense of hope. 671 more words

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Understanding 'Suffragette' Better Through Song


By T.T. Stern-Enzi

Rating: PG-13 Grade: B

Following the preview audience screening of “Suffragette” I attended, I found myself driving around town, between appointments with an iTunes playlist cued to shuffle, and two songs that on the surface would seem to have very little in common with director Sarah Gavron and screenwriter Abi Morgan’s film triggered a very weird and intriguing association for me, about what “Suffragette” could have been. 623 more words

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