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Finding Brilliance in 'The Disaster Artist'

Brothers James and Dave Franco form a creative partnership onscreen

Photo: Dave Franco (left) and brother James Franco (right) in their new movie ‘The Disaster Artist’ 865 more words

Black Eye

Eye caramba!

When last we blogged, I revealed my beautiful new black eye. On the second day, there was a significant change. As I noted in my linked post, if you are a sensitive person, you are reading the wrong blog and should not click Continue Reading. 94 more words


I'm Dreaming of a Black & Blue Christmas

I finished decorating (my face) for Christmas this year.

WARNING: If you are a sensitive blog reader, you probably are not reading this blog, so go ahead and click to Continue Reading in order to see the graphic pic on the next page. 436 more words


When Christmas Trees Attack

I love Christmas, I always have. It’s the BEST time of the year. The feeling, the smells, the shopping, the presents! Oh, and don’t forget the decor… Starting with that big ol’ Christmas tree covered in lights and ornaments. 608 more words

Relating the Story Behind 'The Man Who Invented Christmas'

How do you play the writer who rebranded the holiday spirit?

Photo: Dan Stevens (left) as Charles Dickens and Christopher Plummer (right) as Ebenezer Scrooge in new holiday movie ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas” 814 more words

Black Eye

'Roman J. Israel, Esq.' Fights the Good Fight

Denzel Washington adds another vivid character to his impressive list of memorable roles

We rarely associate the law and lawyers with principled stands. We, as a society, have lost any sense or memory of a time when this might have been possible. 701 more words

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