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Continuing the Civil War

A century and a half after Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, it is clear that the damage done to our Black population is being repaired very slowly. 187 more words

I-Promise Mentoring Program: Mentoring on a Global Level

Being a mother of young boys can often present itself with challenges. You constantly see and hear reminders from society expressing how in their opinion a mother can’t raise her son to be a man. 494 more words

Single Mom

Black Families Matter. . . 

It’s crazy how “single mothers” praise other “single mothers” for being “independent” as if the world was designed for mothers to raise their children alone. It’s like mothers are so caught in up wanting a pat on the back for doing what they’re suppose to that the don’t realize that they’re actually raising the chances of raising children who too will grow up to embrace being single parents. 149 more words

Be gentle with yourself Black Parents: An anecdote 

Extending myself a little grace today.
The volume on my phone was very low for some reason so the alarm (and several back up alarms) went off unnoticed and I woke up 10 minutes before Hari needed to be at school. 422 more words

The Black Community

Black Tax is a Reality

There’s an ideology by a particular philosopher which states that women turn to have lots of kids as an investment because they can grow to ease poverty into their homes through education and work. 395 more words

The Side Chick Negotiations/ Black bourgeoisie file

I have a friend whom I have known for almost a decade and each time we meet I feel as if I’m in an undeclared sexual negotiation. 892 more words