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Rib eye steak, three cheese macaroni and fresh steamed green beans

Fresh is where it’s at. Y’all, listen, you don’t know what you’re missing until you eat fresh vegetables. We grew up on fresh vegetables but in college I discovered canned vegetables and frozen broccoli. 492 more words

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Stolen At Birth, 18-Year-Old Is Reunited With Real Parents After 'Mother' Is Arrested

Now THIS is a super interesting story that’s tailor made for a book and a Hollywood production.

18-year-old Kamiyah Mobley has been missing since she was a newborn snatched from her birth mother… 485 more words

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Koch Bros new campaign wants to convince Black folks that dirty fuel is good for them

Fueling U.S. Forward, a public relations operation funded by the Koch brothers, is trying to spread the message that Black people benefit the most from cheap fossil fuels, according to a story in The New York Times.

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Mommy needs a timeout 🍷🍷🍷

​​I became a mother in 2005. I had a baby girl. I again became a mother in 2011. I had twins. Anyone who knows me will tell you i sacrifice so my children can be funky fresh and fly…while i look like ms ceily on her way to shave mista. 288 more words


Adventures in coparenting 

So what happens when you are co-raising an 11teen year old with two parenting styles? Chaos, mayhem, and silent death wishes.

I have a laid back parenting style. 175 more words


They question feminity

I keep seeing articles

and you tubes about

how black women are not feminine

how we need to settle down get married

be someone’s wife… 210 more words


Don't be a butt hurt...it's the holidays...

The “Look Who’s Talking” movies. Im almost positive we all watched them*watching the opening credits as an adult…those weren’t tadpoles and those werent bottle nipples 😐* Anyway…the 3rd installment found Molly becoming unemployed and having to work as an elf for the mall Santa. 381 more words