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#BlackLivesMatter: pain707

What’s even more disheartening than the Walter Scott thing is the fact that things like that happen all the time and aren’t caught on tape it’s an attack on black lives, black families, black marriages, black children and especially black men and women. 109 more words


Minimalism: A White Man's Religion?

At first glance, minimalism seems a good thing for everybody. It was a nearly perfect fit for me, an understated introvert who never likes to draw much attention to herself. 697 more words

The Relinquishment of Gain

My spirit was bothered last night as I slept. I’d had a talk with hubby about the future, and the future of our family — specifically, our economic future. 651 more words

The First Step Is Acceptance

I think it is so true that admitting that you have a problem with something is the hardest step.

For varying reasons in the Black community, we are largely in denial about the issues that we face. 365 more words

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Blog Post Zero

Welcome to Healing Black Families!

This is my very first blog post and I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you all know what I’m about and what my intentions for the site are. 269 more words

Black Community

Relocating With Kids (Read This First)

TWO major key points I wish I would have considered before relocating with my children.

1. School zones

Coming from Wisconsin school zones are unheard of. 333 more words

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The Rise of Homeschooling Among Black Families

Thank you to Jessica Huseman for joining us on the air! Here’s a snippet of her article: 108 more words

Detroit Speaks With Cliff Russell