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Another black family is breaking up, this time it’s the Anthony’s. I’m very sad to say that rumors have been flying around for sometime now. They have not been seen together at any media event for sometime now, and now the latest rumor is that Carmelo has a child on the way with a New York stripper.

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The Southern Lady


Tomorrow morning I will wake up and I will be one day older than I am today. Sometimes I think about what have I learned from past experiences in life. 575 more words


Why are we Broke, Black People? By Toni Larue

“Dr. King organized the Poor People’s Campaign in 1968 to shut down Washington, D.C. and force legislators to tackle poverty. His efforts to shift focus from civil to silver rights were interrupted by his untimely death. 597 more words

Black Wallstreet

Violence Is Not Love!

VIOLENCE IS NOT LOVE!! The prevalent use of corporal punishment in the black community is no secret but the overwhelming positive effects of its use has yet to be seen. 836 more words


Unmarried, Educated and OK!


I have been meaning to get back to my blogging for months but work has had me extremely stressed and tired lately. My Facebook memories reminded me of an article I came across last year that stated that black women who are college educated are least likely to have a well-educated spouse. 939 more words

It's Inevitable

It’s inevitable. Kids will grow up. In this day and age that’s a scary thought. With social media apps and the dangers lurking there to cyber bullying. 110 more words


Mother's Day 2017

It’s Mother’s Day, I get to count all my blessings and think about motherhood and how privileged I am to be a mother of four as I am treated to arts and crafts, some juice and toast in my bed.   389 more words

Black Family