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It's Another Family Reunion

You ever wonder why old folks like to bring up the past. Sure, one of the reason is that it reminds them of their younger days when they were spry, fit and could chase the wind without a care in the world. 1,692 more words

African-American News

Mom Reunited with daughter after doctors say she was dead at birth 49 years ago!

What A Pre-Mother’s Day Gift!

 John 10:10 10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. 423 more words

Recent White Riots Ignored by the Media

White kids rioted at the Woodstock anniversary. They often riot at basketball and baseball games. They rioted when the boss of the child molestor Sandusky was fired. 52 more words

Black Family

"Gay is not only the 'New Black,' it has become the New Black Male"

There has always been a political agenda or push, to have the gay rights movement be parallel to the civil rights struggle endured by African-Americans. Second Wave feminism lead by Gloria Steinem and misandry-minded lesbians, tried to extend women’s liberation by subtly co-opting the black struggle; while at the same time, seducing many African-American women through their doctrine of liberation from the perceived oppression of authoritative male patriarchy. 1,664 more words

Black Family

Woman Who Married Herself Says ‘Wedding’ Was About Self-Love (WOW)!

Yasmin Eleby

Black Art in America

Over the weekend, news quickly spread of a woman who had staged an elaborate wedding ceremony to marry herself… 796 more words

For Lyric

My niece is experiencing some discrimination in the county schools here in Richmond, Virginia. The other day, a teacher told her that she won’t amount to anything. 173 more words

Let's Talk

Hi everyone....

I just wanted to post an update on the project.

We have now reached over 100 followers on Facebook and over 200 on Twitter.

At the moment it is a matter of networking and although I have my own life to deal with. 425 more words