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So far behind...

My last blog post was 4 months ago. So much has happened since then and I feel confused. Do I write a post summarizing all the important milestones of the last 4 months or do I write different post outlining the steps we have taken and the obstacles we have overcome to get to this point?   143 more words


Meeting Mike Brown Sr.

Today, I met Mike Brown Sr. It was a truly taxing but enlightening moment. There were so many moments where I tied myself into knots. How would I feel if I were in the same place? 411 more words


Living For Those Moments

Family means so much to me, especially mine. These two right here bring so much joy to my life. I feel so blessed to have them both. 143 more words


Love Like Food for My Soul (Happy Mother's Day)

The year was 1997 and Soul Food came out. It was one of the rare movies that felt distinctly black and authentic in a sea of movies and shows that portrayed black life as problematic. 600 more words



It is April 2017 and Lameck Makwiramiti is trending in Zimbabwean communities. Lameck is the man whose daughter was impregnated by a neighbour’s son. The neighbour then took it upon herself to be awfully abusive to Lameck’s daughter whilst she was pregnant. 410 more words

Community Education

Another black family is breaking up, this time it’s the Anthony’s. I’m very sad to say that rumors have been flying around for sometime now. They have not been seen together at any media event for sometime now, and now the latest rumor is that Carmelo has a child on the way with a New York stripper.

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The Southern Lady


Tomorrow morning I will wake up and I will be one day older than I am today. Sometimes I think about what have I learned from past experiences in life. 575 more words