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The Aging of Sporty Odie Cody Calls For…

…An Aortic Valve Replacement, Part 1 of 2.

Authors Note: Most of my readers know that I have no problem in putting my life experiences out there for public consumption. 4,278 more words

African-American News

What’s Going On?

Before integration, the black family was the envy of all other culture, in spite of the wretchedness of Jim Crow. Children out of wedlock were minimal, we married, and black marriages survived. 27 more words

Dear Black Family

Dear Black Family,

I was never the kid in the Christmas commercials – poking her head out of her room, trying to catch a glimpse of Santa and his reindeer; sprinting down the stairs, outpacing the rising sun, as if the gifts beneath the tree might vanish into thin air. 465 more words


Letter to my Father

My first memory of us is visiting you in jail. I remember bringing a pen a pad in and the guards telling me that I couldn’t bring either in. 512 more words


Should Black Women look outside their race?

Disclaimer:  We have not read or nor we endorse the author.  However he brings up a good point of discussion when it comes to 70% of our black women single.  Share your thoughts below!

Hold Your Head Up

Living in a small town has its perks, but you are made aware all too frequently you are one of few people of colour in a White town.  186 more words

Black Families and Relation(ship)s

Now…I can say that I’m happy to see this image above. Progress has been made with representation of Black families. There is still a ways to go but there is definitely some representation of all-Black families on commercials and in our white house. 951 more words