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When Black Fathers Protect Their Sons

Shonda Rhimes provoked the emotions of the nation once again with one of her latest episodes of Scandal entitled “Lawn Chair”, only this time the scandal didn’t involve political corrupt action or a series of heated sex scenes between Olivia and Fitz. 757 more words

Research Mice raised without fathers are more aggressive...


Mice raised without fathers are more aggressive. “Children raised without a father are at greater risk of deviant behavior later—and girls in particular may be more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol—according to a new study with mice. 109 more words

Jaleesa Jones I laughed when my father died...

Jaleesa Jones: I laughed when my father died.

I didn’t know a thing about resentment until we started talking. I didn’t know how far people could veer from your fantasies of them.

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The Black Woman's Recompense - Short Post!


Black women are the most fertile women on the planet, they do not have the same fertility problems that other races of women have to endure, however this position of blessing is about to change. 522 more words

Orlando Patterson on President Obama, race & black culture.

Orlando Patterson on President Obama, race & black culture.

In the book, your argument is that initiatives targeting black youth are not enough. What else do you think needs to be done?

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Positive Stats Pertaining to Black Men

Earlier this month, an attention-grabbing 30-second video, released by the Mystic Valley Area Branch of the NAACP and featuring Medford High School students, debunked many stereotypes and myths about young black men.

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Helping fathers be dads

Helping fathers be dads

“Every man needs to know there is someone pulling for them, who believes in him,” Webb said. “Sometimes that’s all it takes for someone to change an attitude, a lifestyle and a life.

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