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Black Folk Talking About What Black Folk Need To Do When It Comes To Police Shootings, Really!

Damn black folk that talk about we need to police our own. And we try to do that but I be damn if I can police all black folk nor can the damn police. 164 more words

Black Folks

Movie Review: Burning Sands (Netflix)

#BurningSands #LessSteppingMoreStudying

Burning Sands exposes the hypocrisy inherent in Black Greek letter organizations. It reveals a lot about what is wrong with some intake processes, but more importantly what’s wrong with the Black community–and the talented tenth charged with leading it. 1,098 more words

Kim Kardashian "Culture Vulture" Accusations for "Bo Derrek" Braids

Now I know ya’ll already know my position on this entire situation but lemme just give yall the details on the story without my opinion sprinkled in until the very end! 399 more words


Protecting Children During the Holidays

The holiday season–hopefully–brings cheer, music, fun, parties, and goodwill.  But we’re actually more vulnerable during this time because we tend to let our guards down and presume that others have to. 890 more words

Black Parenting : Agents Of White Supremacy.

Over the course of a few days I watched a conversation revolve around a video(still circulating after a year) of a black child having a melt down in a barber shop.  381 more words

Should North American Blacks be more elitist?

One of the experiences that often makes being “Black” so lonely is the fact that dissention seems to be everywhere. We are at risk of being discriminated against by “White” people  1,902 more words