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Neither steel nor iron, but flesh and blood

As humans, our beautiful bodies are made up of 70% water. Prick us, and we bleed plasma and cells. And although a few of people hardly get sick (note: this is not me, but I’ve heard of you magical unicorns before), no one body is indestructible. 829 more words

Jonathan Franzen & Whiteness

Hey, B!

What a treat from S! You deserve it. You’ve been working hard.

I’ve seen the Jonathan Franzen article on another author’s Facebook page I follow! 1,804 more words

A Lyft Ride

As I type this, I’m sitting in SFO’s decidedly trendy food court. All the food stands selling the normal organic fare are drawn closed. It’s 10:16pm and my flight leaves at midnight. 387 more words

Black Lives Matter

Michael Eric Dyson | What White America Fails to See

We all can see the same videos. But you insist that the camera doesn’t tell the whole story. Of course you’re right, but you don’t really want to see or hear that story.   

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Human Rights

That Black {folks} Magic

They used to call me ugly,

my afro puffs laced with ribbons

jet black

but in the sun, glistening

my kinky coils tight

still learning wrong from right 385 more words