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Amazon revolutionalise the shopping experience with Amazon Go

Amazon has staked out a new venue for making retail super convenient: Corner stores. The e-commerce technology company announced on Monday a new Seattle location, Amazon Go, that has no registers. 39 more words

Singtel Facebook page has 36 thousand comments over the past 36 hours for it’s fibre broadband outage

Although Singtel has announced that their fibre service is 100% recovered, SingTel’s Facebook account is flooded with comments from users who are still unable to get it’s broadband working or getting intermittent issues. 30 more words

M1 Tourist SIM card comes with 100GB of local data for 5 days to tide over the failed fibre broadband

Lately, 2 telcos have broke down consecutively over the past 2 months. Singtel broke down this morning at 9.53am and it hasn’t restore it’s services. On SingTel’s facebook page, there are over 16 thousand comments of the service. 32 more words

Singtel fibre broadband service is down since 9am this morning

Singapore largest telecom operator SingTel fibre broadband service has been interrupted since 9am this morning. Singtel acknowledged that at 9.43am on it’s facebook page. At it’s facebook page, there were almost 9 thousand comments complaining about the outage. 31 more words

CES 2017 INTEL and NVIDIA to showcase new chipsets ; AMD to showcase ZEN

Various news reports revealed that Intel will showcase it’s high end Kaby Lake processor for gaming notebooks as well as desktop processors for the upcoming new Intel 200 series motherboards. 38 more words

UFO sighted in Turkey

Residents across Turkey have posted photos and videos on social media of an alleged UFO, resulting in #ufoattacktoturkey to begin trending on Twitter. As people scrambled to understand what they were seeing late on Sunday, many social media users were convinced an alien invasion was imminent. 24 more words

Back door in certain Android phones sends data to Chinese servers

A story in the New York Times on 16 Nov  reveals that some smartphones contain a secret backdoor that sends data to servers located in China. 44 more words