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Flowers and candles

Paris is hurting again.

A sharp breeze is blowing; it has an edge to it. The sky is clear blue, and the trees full of pink magnolia and trailing wisteria, but the Champs-Elysées is blooming too, following in the flower-strewn wake of Bataclan, La Belle Equipe, Le Petit Cambodge and the… 545 more words


Cheap Caitlyn

Years ago, way back when I was a freshly new librarian, unaware how civil service and customer service could slowly suck out my soul like a Dementor, I had a coworker named Caitlyn. 491 more words

Holy Friday

Today we celebrate Holy Friday.  Today we commemorate the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at the Calvary. We Observe today as a part of the Holy Week.  377 more words


black friday inspirations #9

W dzisiejszym poście zwracam się ku serialowi Mad Men, którego niepowtarzalny klimat wywarł na mnie oszałamiające wrażenie już od kilku pierwszych minut pilotowego odcinka o tytule… 204 more words


5 Facts About Good Friday

As today is “Good Friday”, you should know these 5 facts about good friday

1. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. 306 more words

Thought Bite

Black Friday by B.R. Myers - Night Shift #2

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

After absolutely loving the first book in the series, I was really excited to have the chance to read this one. 387 more words


The Boglington Post - A matter of belief; Return of the Teenager! You have to be Caracas - Police brutality, Quote of the Week, Human Extinction and more.

“A report by the Commons public administration and constitutional affairs committee (PACAC) said MPs were deeply concerned about the allegations of foreign interference in last year’s Brexit vote.” – …

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End Of The World