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The day that should never have happened will be remembered as the day my America met its demise. Every calendar will forever label January 20, 2017 as America’s Black Friday. 678 more words

Black Beyond My Skin

Dear diary,

A pigment beyond the texture of the skin
Only a blind man sees it as either black or white
All skin colours are one… 181 more words


Today is America's Black Friday When All True Americans Are Fearful for our Nation's Future

2017 will be the United States 241st year of existence. Under a Trump administration, it could be our last. Today, January 20, 2017, will be remembered as a ‘day of infamy.’ Our first illegitimate, white supremacist, sexist, and bigoted president will be inaugurated by our failed government. 444 more words

Instant Pot

I am Really, Really Into the Instant Pot.

I first heard about the Instant Pot from my mom.  She kept talking about this new appliance that she was making her steel cut oats in and also using as a slow cooker.   426 more words


Other Ford Models Go Up In Flames

Owners of other Ford models which are not part of the recall announced this week have joined a class action against the manufacturer alleging their cars have also caught fire. 338 more words


Apparently Black People Don't Age🤔

Dear diary,

Hi! So, this is my very first Black Friday post. Black Friday on Keelie’s Diary is basically a celebration of all the things that make black people who they are, flaws included. 532 more words


Chattanooga, TN / 2016-11-25

We spent the morning picking up, packing up and putting up (really just my lack of patience) with deciding on what we would be doing today. 676 more words

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