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More Walmarts Per Square Mile in Puerto Rico, Than Anywhere Else on the Planet

Recent studies show that Puerto Rico has more Walgreens per square mile, than anywhere in the US…and the island has more Walmarts per square mile, than anywhere on the planet. 410 more words



Black Friday: A Zombie Story” is, of everything I’ve ever written, my favorite thing. It makes me laugh, it makes me sad. There’s suspense, there’s action. 343 more words


'Black Friday': Carnage in Rafah (2014 Israel pre-emptive war on Gaza)

‘Black Friday': Carnage in Rafah (2014 Israel pre-emptive war on Gaza)

On 8 July 2014, Israel launched a military operation code-named Operation Protective Edge, the third major offensive in Gaza since 2008. 2,012 more words


In NY Times the Fate of One Israeli Soldier Trumps Massive Suffering in Gaza

“Black Friday: Carnage in Rafah,” a new report by Amnesty International, has drawn international media attention with its accounts of destruction and suffering during four days of the Gaza conflict last year. 645 more words


Throwback Thrusday "Black Friday: A Zombie Story" Part Seven

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Chapter Nineteen: NO RETURNS PLEASE

“That was fun!” Keisha said, smiling widely, blood splatter on her face. 4,470 more words


Has justice been served to Yakub Memon and the Victims of 1993 Blasts?

It was a pleasant morning, sun was shining brightly over the skyline of Mumbai, it was Friday.

People were happy that it was the last day of the working week and they could happily spend the weekend with their family or friends. 638 more words

1993 Blasts

Predictably Drunk: Hulk Hogan, Firework Fights and Sam Meeker

Comedian Sam Meeker joined me in studio to talk about wedding invitation etiquette, the recent Hulk Hogan controversy and growing up in the rough city of Richmond, California. 151 more words