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Wash Day

So, in my newfound natural discovery, it’s really taken me a while to get the hang of it. Some of it has been the same and some of it has not. 335 more words

Wash Day

Pretty Hurts

Wanting a girl that glides in red heels? No broken nail polish? Half dead weave in need of CPR, terrifying fashion sense or lack thereof? You want a perfect little Barbie doll. 617 more words


Woman and Hair Love Affair

Bald, Afro, curly or straight

Long or short

Hair doesn’t make a woman

Natural woman

Permed hair woman

Wig and weaved woman

It’s all about the goods on the inside, man. 71 more words

Poetry/ Prose/ Musings

Melanin Mondays ][ the Black Project #26

Have a submission for Melanin Mondays?  Submit your picture or video here! Missed a Melanin Monday? Revisit the archives here
Melanin Mondays

Natural hair is a lifestyle not a trend

Where does one start? Detangling? Deep conditioning? Waking up in shock in the next day because you didn’t sleep with your satin bonnet on? Well I’d say it starts with research, researching if you have the time and effort to invest unconditional love and affection to your hair. 753 more words


Atang's guide of what NOT to do with black hair (part 1)

Finally (for those that have been asking me)! I’ve come up with a comprehensive list of don’ts. There definitely will be a second part. I hope this helps and informs as many people as possible. 361 more words

One of my favourite subjects, my hair!😂 This blog post is about my hair journey as you can tell from the title.

I relaxed my hair towards the end of year 11, so I must have been around 16 years old. 650 more words