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Let's play 'Hair Nah'

This new web game Hair Nah!, in which you play a black woman swatting away those problematic paws gunning for the glory that sits atop your head, comes at a time where there’s renewed focus on what to do and what not to do with black women’s hair. 87 more words


Defender vs Offender : EP2

Video filmed and edited by JJ Effect( Jason Boulware, Jean Matelski Boulware, and Mani Orr)

Music by: DexLvL


The Big Chop

Change can be hard, but it’s inevitable and sometimes very necessary – especially when it comes to our hair. If you’re still debating trying a new look, parting with dry, dead length, or going all the way a la the “big chop,” there are many things you will need to consider beforehand. 177 more words

Black Hair

Hair Dilemma

I do not play about my hair. If I get it done; I want it to last for more than eight hours at least. Meaning, I want people to see how good my hair looks. 615 more words


Surprise: The Best Natural Hair Products Are Right In Your Fridge

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and many of us are preparing grocery lists for our favorite meals: sweet potatoes for that sweet potato pie, five different cheeses for that good ol’ baked macaroni n cheese, and the list goes on and on and on! 374 more words

Pop Culture Talks About Race

I read an interesting article that stated, one of the reasons that the Civil Rights Movement was successful, was because of the progression of technology. Basically, the invention of portable hand held cameras, in the 50s, which allowed the media to be on the scene, up front and center, when riots, marches, or any type of civil unrest was occurring, instead of photographers who showed up after the fact.  3,904 more words


No, I Don’t Miss My Locs...

I knew I was over my locs way before I cut them.

I truly believe that the universe has a way of expediting a decision… 981 more words