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Impression Fraud via Virtual Machines?

Received this message from… someone.

This blog has jumped the shark. You seem to have stopped digging and there is so much more dirt to uncover here.

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Apple Beefs Up Its Security Team By Hiring Security Expert Team

Remember Thunderstrike 2? Last summer, Xeno Kovah and Trammell Hudson unveiled several known vulnerabilities affecting the Mac firmware and letting malware creators update the firmware without any way to reset it to its factory status — you’d need to reflash the firmware chip. 265 more words


The Dark Arts: Meet the LulzSec Hackers

It’s difficult to say if , then CEO of software security company HBGary Federal, was in his right mind when he targeted the notorious hacking group known as Anonymous. 1,436 more words


Black Hat SEO

In my Digital Marketing Class at Davenport University, these first couple weeks we have covered chapters one through four from our book. I really want to talk about something called “black hat SEO”. 439 more words


Bad movie nights

Do you do bad movie nights? Do you know what I mean? You get together with some friends to watch a bunch of films that are so bad they’re good? 336 more words


The Black Hat

My black hat arrived (Robert Hall, fur felt, 6 5/8), with the colour band placed around. The original hat band is lovely, a thin, flat braid leather belt band, and the colour band can go right over when I want that, and taken off when I want basic black.


Oh, Colour

I have a black hat on the way from Quebec, and a while back, I found some laces at Goodwill, so Rick made me a beautiful 11 lace braid hat band for it. 10 more words