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How Hackers Make Money from DDoS Attacks

Yesterday’s attack on the internet domain directory Dyn, which took major sites like Twitter and Paypal offline, was historic in scale. But the motivation for the attack may seem opaque, since no valuable information seems to have been stolen. 523 more words


Born to be bad!

Policía bueno o policía malo? Hemos escuchado mucho esta frase gracias a Hollywood y a las series televisivas. Pero toma un significado especial en el área de la Seguridad Informática. 484 more words



I caught myself self-censoring today.

I’ve been doing it far too much lately.

In the name of being proper and a “good example” I’ve given away too much of my power. 351 more words

Practical Philosophy

StG Characters: Kat

Every fictional character goes through a genesis of sorts during the creation process, be it big or small–it’s just natural for an author to either polish up or improvise bits to a character during the creation process, or to change their mind completely and start over. 688 more words


[Cassie found the twilight stairs]

“and that electric tug, that thrill / pulling your mind into deep water / is how I feel about you every, / single day.” – John Straley, “every single day” 508 more words

Fiction Sketch

This USB Stick Will Instantly Destroy Your Computer

Whatever you do, don’t mistake this USB stick for the one holding your Powerpoint.

When plugged into any device, The USB Killer, released earlier this summer, rapidly draws power from the hardware, then returns that power in an overloading burst. 291 more words


Breaking into BBS Express. {Not for kids,  this is Black Hat baby}

If you have high enough access on any BBS Express BBS you can get the Sysop’s password without any problems and be able to log on as him and do whatever you like. 571 more words

Computer Tricks