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The right to break things

What is the last thing that you have broken just to verify if it could have been broken? A phone? A car, perhaps? Or the new TV set of your neighbor? 287 more words


DARPA to stage an AI hacking tournament at DEF CON/Black Hat

No offense, human cybersecurity workers, but you are TOO SLOW!

DARPA says that in the time it takes to identify new flaws and threats and patch them up – a process that can take over a year – miscreants can exploit them: 511 more words


Black Hat Cooperative is an award-winning multiplayer...

Black Hat Cooperative is an award-winning multiplayer videogame for VR. Player one is VR and sneaks past enemies, collects treasure, and avoids traps. Player two sees everything on a map and can hack security and enemies along the way. 8 more words

Le Hat Noire


The lighting is slightly bad on these pictures, but this hat is black.  Made with very black yarn.  That shimmer you see there? Yeah, that’s also black shimmer.  161 more words


Password security

I started writing this post shortly after I got an email from eBay saying my account had been compromised and my password had been reset. However I didn’t publish this post until i’d changed a few things first. 770 more words

How to Spot Poisoned Links

By Todd Brasel and Vince Hannon, NYSTEC Information Security Team Members

You’re looking for information on a particular topic, so you do a web search using your favorite browser.  621 more words