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You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it.

We have been conditioned to think “these people” created everything that we see. This image is just one example. Always put things into context. The question has always been why create a system, and condition the masses that a certain group of the population is inferior and make that your purpose for 200 years.

Black History Month: Competition

This year, we’re opening out our annual History competition to everyone – not just University of Gloucestershire History students! To coincide with Black History Month, we’re asking people to nominate individuals in any or all of the following three categories: ‘Unheard Voices in Black History’, ‘Creating New Black Icons’ and ‘Celebrating Local Black Heroes’. 215 more words



Written by: Serafina Fraracci

About: Black History Month is a month that is set apart to learn, honor, and celebrate all of the different achievements that black people have made throughout history. 497 more words


Remembering Julian Bond

Julian Bond passed away this past Saturday, August 15th. Bond’s life was one of change-making and service to others, as exemplified by his leadership on the Georgia State House of Representatives and the Georgia State Senate, as well as in his role as President of the NAACP. 103 more words

Find Me

Weitten by: Lemme Shafi

Can You See Me?

Because I can no longer see me no more

Everything I once recognized is no longer familiar… 246 more words


In the Library ... "Injustices" by Ian Millhiser

Injustices: The Supreme Court’s History of Comforting The Comfortable And Afflicting The Afflicted They won’t be selling Injustices at the Supreme Court gift shop. Ian Millhiser’s scathing, exuberant indictment of the many misdeeds of the nation’s highest court is a necessary, and highly entertaining, corrective to the mythology that has always surrounded the work of the Justices.” 570 more words