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In the Library ... "Injustices" by Ian Millhiser

Injustices: The Supreme Court’s History of Comforting The Comfortable And Afflicting The Afflicted They won’t be selling Injustices at the Supreme Court gift shop. Ian Millhiser’s scathing, exuberant indictment of the many misdeeds of the nation’s highest court is a necessary, and highly entertaining, corrective to the mythology that has always surrounded the work of the Justices.” 570 more words

Americans and Race

February is Black History Month in our nation. During this month I believe it is good to reflect upon the history of the Black struggle for equality in our country and the terrible blight that racism has been and continues to be on our nation. 819 more words


#IGrewUpLikeDis: Without Entitlement, I Mean (Always A Good Day to Feel White & Entitled)

I love the relatable hashtags when everyone starts going in about certain relatable topics. It not only makes me laugh and cry because I’m laughing too hard, but I get this warm feeling that makes me reflect on the very interesting life I’ve had. 1,671 more words