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Remembering Mrs. Rosenthal

We need to teach the spectrum of Black history, not disconnected highs and lows. We must teach how to deal with pain and how to develop paths to progress. 103 more words

Stepping In The Puddles

The Power of declaring #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool

The hallways of Seattle schools were packed as always on Wednesday, October 19, but the difference was that thousands of teachers, students and staff were wearing similar t-shirts affirming Black lives. 2,122 more words

SO RUDDY! | 17 stunning photos of black Victorians show how history really looked.

Look beyond the whitewashed narrative, and you’ll see a lot more color in our history — even in these black-and-white photos.

Source: 17 stunning photos of black Victorians show how history really looked.


The 14th Amendment, How it Became the Segway to Make John Henry and his Band of Former Slaves Chattel Laborers

When the liberties we take for granted become the lens through which we see our forefather’s disadvantaged struggle, we look at the convenience time continuum has given us and scoff at the path of those who tread the waters we open handedly sip from. 1,063 more words


Ghost of Satchel Paige

Authors note: I’ve always considered the line between prose and poetry to be arbitrary. Originally posted elsewhere in 2010

When you imagine the Deep South, you think of crawdads and catfish, red mud and white cotton: Robert Johnson and his Delta blues.

872 more words

[Heavy's Thoughts] Netflix Original: 13th. As Educational as it is Painful [Written By Brandon Willams]

Netflix has just been hitting it out of the park lately; they’ve been producing quality content consistently for the past couple of months and their recent documentary “13th” is just another notch in their belt. 512 more words


[Opinionated] Yes, I Am Pro Black. No, I Don't Hate Everyone Else [Written By Shae McCoy]

When you think of the words Pro Black, what are the first thoughts that come to your mind?

Considering myself Pro Black, I think that the terms have been misunderstood by my generation. 480 more words

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