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Foolish Stars

We’re both fools, you and I

Simply looking for some light

Darkness brewing in our cores

But we didn’t want no more

We’re both fools, you and I… 87 more words


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At the end of this black hole, a small light she sees
Far beyond, she spots a way out yet she fears
She reminds herself she’s nowhere near… 6 more words



Somebody I speak to at length on a regular if not particularly frequent basis and whose thoughts I greatly respect, not least because they are more abstract than any other thoughts I hear routinely expressed, plays through the possibility apparently inherent in the apparatus – if that’s what it is, I’m pretty certain she wouldn’t have used that term – of a Large Hadron Collider, such as the one operated by CERN, accidentally causing a mini black hole and thus precipitating and essentially causing the End of The World. 195 more words


It's supernatural, naturally...

There is a great temptation in the modern mind to put things “in boxes.” We have our lives at work, at play, at home, within ourselves, and we tend to consider these separately, on their own terms… even though a realistic perception of one’s life would have one admit that all these dimensions are in fact interrelated. 586 more words