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Escaping The Event Horizon

To effectively escape the gravitational pull of a Black Hole you would have to travel faster than the speed of light but since even light is pulled in by the Black hole you are now having to travel faster than Black Hole’s pull on light, sounds simple right well it would be but we don’t know how fast a black hole is pulling on light so we don’t know how fast it would be to escape a Black Holes Event Horizon. 159 more words

A Galaxy Apart

We are complete opposites

When I look from you to me

That much is clear

You, you are the sun

A star

Burning so bright and hot… 155 more words


Sunday Comics

With Halloween approaching, here are three creepy full page panels from Charles Burns’s Black Hole (Pantheon, 2005).


RA: The Black Hole •Air • Fire • Water

RA….Mercury, VeNUS and UraNUS.  The Po, Black Hole or Wormhole cometh in clouds of violent winds and lighting.