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Visiting the Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula seen from a distance of about 150 light years. Click to expand.

For my next exploration I had planned on making a trip to each of the stars that make of the constellation of Orion. 2,095 more words

Elite Dangerous

The Disappearance of Ray West

It was the last day of classes, just before the demi-theatric spectacle of graduation for the Class of ’65.  I recall it was a sweaty day with a bilious orange sky, like so many days leading up to this one, with Chicago’s feeble pulmonary system failing to penetrate the piercings, deeper than they were wide which the Jesuits ironically referred to as windows.  1,224 more words

Full of emptiness

I don’t know how to begin this, I have no idea what content will fill my humble screen but I know that by the end of it I will feel better. 637 more words

​US to deliver F-35 jets to Israel to maintain military edge

US Vice President Joe Biden said that Israel will be getting a shipment of the United States’ new F-35 fighter jet so that its military can retain its “qualitative edge” in the… 453 more words


Eye of the Needle

I sat through a lot of church services as a kid. A LOT. And even in my most fervent phases of drinking the Christian cool-aide, it was always a grueling experience. 1,055 more words



Greetings Earthlings!!!

I’m a extra terrestrial creature from planet X. My space ship crash landed on earth and i’m waiting for rescue, meanwhile i’ll blog about my research in…

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I Married a Passivist

Don’t judge me. It could just as easily happen to you.

We think we can spot ‘em but they hide, they’re like those sneaking groundhogs so when you think you see one it ducks underground and then the next time it pops up its hair is all matted and it looks different so you can’t tell if it’s still one of ‘em. 931 more words