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the unraveling stars illuminate our darkest skies
with intensity and heat and frictional waves
that encircle our deepest centers
without wind to guide or storms to push… 96 more words


Formation of black holes in the dark [HEAP]


A binary black hole (BBH) with components of 30-40 solar masses as the source of gravitational waves GW150914 can be formed from a relatively isolated binary of massive stars if both BHs are formed by implosion, namely, by complete or almost complete collapse of massive stars with no energetic SNe accompanied by a sudden mass loss that would significantly reduce the mass of the compact objects, and in most cases unbind the binary system. 244 more words

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena

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Given the title of my website I could hardly resist reblogging this arXiver post. I'm not an expert on Black Hole (BH) formation, so would be interested to hear opinions on how plausible is this idea that massive BHs might form via implosion rather than following a Supernova explosion.


I remember the day all the lights went out

You said it was love like a hero coming in the night

But you punched my lights out with one blow… 124 more words


Astronomers Caught a Black Hole Feeding on Cold Rain, Making it Even Bigger


For the first time in history, astronomers found cold, dense clouds raining on a supermassive black hole, feeding it and making it bigger. This contradicts the long-standing belief that black holes only consume hot ionized gases. 332 more words


Black Holes are a myth

Black holes are a myth it was claimed yesterday in a startling development which runs contrary to the majority of self-riotous TV boffins like the smug and grinning… 424 more words


The Heart's Black Hole

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Isn’t Gilgamesh the one who created his own black hole?

“This star I envied; yet I tried to raise,

The star to take it far away, -but failed… 1,134 more words

Black Hole

Black hole.

I was sitting in a crowded room.

All I hear was the mumbling of every person in there.

I was writing on a paper.

I scribbled and scribbled and scribbled. 183 more words