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Black Hole Accreting with Jet

What happens when a black hole devours a star? Many details remain unknown, but recent observations are providing new clues. In 2014, a powerful explosion… 132 more words


Einstein's General Theory of Relativity

One of the most important theories in the history of Astrophysics which has changed our views to see the universe entirely. One of the most brilliant minds the world has ever seen, Albert Einstein has proposed this theory of general relativity. 898 more words

Black Hole

Fisikawan Bongkar “Ruang Teori” yang Geometris

Oleh: Natalie Wolchover
23 Februari 2017
Sumber: Quanta Magazine

Metode berumur puluhan tahun bernama “bootstrap” memungkinkan penemuan-penemuan baru mengenai geometri yang mendasari semua teori quantum. 2,762 more words


Fauxhasset Paroder, 37th Edition: Sea level at its lowest since 1702

By Thamanda Crompson
Fauxhasset Paroder Staff Reporter

It’s been four weeks since the dredging team opened up a black hole in the harbor, and the shallows have completely drained following a 10-foot drop in sea level. 515 more words

Fauxhasset Paroder

Astronomers To Peer Into A Black Hole For The First Time With New Event Horizon Telescope.

Ever since first mentioned by Jon Michell in a letter to the Royal Society in 1783, black holes have captured the imagination of scientists, writers, filmmakers and… 1,031 more words


Don't Bite Into the Donut Sailor Moon, It's Dangerous!- Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie - Moon Speak Phase-III 38

We’re changing up Moon Speak once again. This time, we go monthly and discuss a smattering of Sailor Moon from back in the day as we wait for the next season of Sailor Moon Crystal to air. 289 more words


Things to See, Places (Not) to Go (9)

An Ember-class star distinguished only by its relative proximity to the Eye of Night (Last Darkness), orbited by a scattering of asteroids and an equally undistinguished dwarf planet (Geydagan Actual), the Geydagan (Last Darkness) System is occupied only by the Servants of Geydas, a cruel, hostile, aggressive, and secretive cult dwelling in a number of shabby surface habitats. 299 more words