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Advance Wars Black Hole Sub

173083 Advance Wars Black Hole Sub (28-11-2015)
from: Advance Wars video game series / size: ± 8,9 cm x 3,0 cm x 4,8 cm / ± 3,0 cm x 1,8 cm x 4,8 cm… 12 more words


Scientists capture black hole eating a star and then vomiting it back out | Science | News | The Independent

Astronomers have captured a black hole eating a star and then sicking a bit of it back up for the first time ever.

The scientists tracked a star about as big as our sun as it was pulled from its normal path and into that of a supermassive black hole before being eaten up. 336 more words


Glimpse of black hole swallowing star, shooting flare

Scientists for the first time caught a glimpse of a black hole swallowing a star and shooting out a high-speed flare of matter at the centre of a nearby galaxy. 6 more words


What is loneliness, really?

You can be surrounded
by hundreds in the city
and still feel all alone.

By yourself be and yet
a sweet memory sustains you
When everyone is gone. 120 more words


Black Hole~by Hela Tekali

Black Hole

Black hole swallowing
Dark twisted healing
Light energy cannot escape its gravity
A force pulling objects with much velocity.

An area in space spinning objects in a way so strong… 100 more words


Albert Einstein's special mark on the universe

By Jeffrey Bennett

It has been exactly 100 years since Albert Einstein presented his theory of general relativity to an audience of scientists on November 25, 1915. 998 more words

Albert Einstein


Here it goes, here it comes! Really long time (means few years) I was wondering about dimensions. It started when I was watching videos like: how to imagine higher dimensions, what are dimensions and so on. 805 more words