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7 Things I Learned From the Universe

1. The earth is not a sphere and nothing is ever as it seems.

2. No one is perfect, even the sun has dark spots. 426 more words


We don't understand gravity #BlackHoles - a #poem by Kate Rauner

Gravitational Waves That Aren’t There

Black holes – massive gravity sinks,
Anchor galaxies at their cores.
Orbit closer, closer till,
Merge into one, forevermore.

Sending ripples through space-time… 113 more words


200 word story: Nemesis

If your Monday has got off to a cheery start, here’s something to take the grin off your face.

The single Cyclops eye of our nemesis stares. 192 more words


Where Art Thou, My Beloved Kitchenware? Come Home Again, I Say!

Everyone knows all about the Sock Trolls and Binkie and Tooth Fairies. Dust Bunnies and those two devilishly mischievous and invisible characters- Nobody and Somebody. You’ve heard tales about the Land of Lost Things. 1,383 more words

Raising Kids

Middle Fingers, High Fives And, Yes, Hugs In The Black Hole

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) – Their reputation is notorious, these NFL versions of hooligans, the action on the field often a sidelight to more vicious violence in the stands. 896 more words


Black Hole in Review

Stephen Hawking keeps finding new ways to talk about what exactly Black Holes are, Christopher Nolan imagines that past their event horizon time lapses onto time, and Neil deGrasse Tyson can regale us with the mysteries of the Cosmos, but these visions of science and fiction only strengthen the metaphorical simplicity at work in the title of “Black Hole.” With discoveries of science and the concessions of Interstellar, in our collective consciousness black holes stand as the space oddity that drags everything in and doesn’t let go. 1,829 more words


Black-holes of the heart

Scars under fire,

like shooting stars,

across the skies…

blazing by, the black holes,

of the heart. 6 more words