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Black Hompophobic Hypocrites

Blacks are very proud people, and they should be, they fought their way out of slavery, unequal rights, and harassment. I am very aware that things aren’t there yet; even with a black president, inequalities and harassment still exist between black and white people, I see it every day. 750 more words


Blacks don't have my back

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Lest you think I’m picking only on California’s blacks, above are Asian and Latino Californians who supported the hateful, discriminatory anti-gay Proposition 8, even though in California’s history Asians and Latinos have been discriminated against. 221 more words

Why I'm voting for Ralph Nader

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Progressive independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader speaks at a rally on Wall Street last month. If you live in a state that Barack Obama undoubtedly will win on Tuesday, you strongly should consider casting your vote for Nader. 557 more words