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Yeah! Pigneto Roma

It’s late in the bar

The music is cool and time feels flexible

The chatter is excited but relaxed

The drinks flow and the feelings mellow… 53 more words


Smile - Roddy Doyle

Like most people my first introduction to Roddy Doyle was via watching the film of The Commitments. I loved the characters, the songs and, above all, the accents. 260 more words


Theory is not a reality

Reading a book:


“Every action has a sexual equation.”

I remember this at all times


When I see HER

Nothing or… 14 more words


Emboozlement: dialogue to die for. Die with. Whatever

Comedy-crime is a tough nut to crack. Too frothy and it’s nothing but a gaggle of giggles with no grit to grab a hold of. It’s gotta have some heart. 496 more words

Book Reviews


I had a happy life – to a point. A dedicated husband and two beautiful children, Noah and Violet. The little red head who hung around the house more often than was appropriate seemed a constant reminder that my husband’s dedication wasn’t to me but he was dedicated none the less. 393 more words

Vivika Widow

How divorces happen

Tom finally decided to tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend.

One evening after their honeymoon, he was welding some stuff in the garage, just for fun. 109 more words