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My Top 5 Dark TV Shows

Dark fiction makes me feel like I’m being let in on a secret. In our daily lives, few people want to talk about death, hardship, or pain. 1,734 more words


Fiction - White Room 37

The man who is to sit in front of this traditional altar for his ‘renewal’ is carried almost, as he was walking in a waddling fashion, with his feet pointing outwards like a penguin’s. 1,900 more words


Turning Invisible

As she walks into the room

She has not been seen for the first time

This makes her feel invisible

Age shall not contain or restrict her… 11 more words


Talking to a brick wall

The world is full of good and compassionate people

I know this

But they are dwarfed

By ignorance and idiots.

I sometimes get more sense… 58 more words


10,000 Ways to Commit Suicide

This is my sixty eighth suicide attempt.

The other sixty seven didn’t work. Obviously. Still, I refuse to think of them as failures. When Thomas Edison was asked why he persisted with his goal to invent the lightbulb after failing so many times he replied, “I never failed. 567 more words

Short Stories/Excerpts

New Edition of The Great Flâneur Massacre Now Available in Various Outlets!

The new version of my novella, The Great Flâneur Massacre, is out now. As I’ve said before: more proofing edits, a few more jokes, and a nice new cover! 491 more words