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Let's Talk About God!

So, today I’m on standing on my street in an easierly direction, taking in some fresh air and admiring the blue skies before heading to the dentist’s. 278 more words

Ex-pat Life

We all love Erdoğan!

I’m all for freedom of expression.  (I was once a member of Amnesty International – I once got a reply from the Israeli Embassy, bless ’em.) 88 more words

Ex-pat Life

Are you going to be there?

Have you been yourself lately?

Have you travelled into the future?

What feelings can you feel?

Do they feel real?

What do you see in the mirror? 103 more words


Three Different Colours, Three Different Flavours

The television is on. You are watching intently

A man in a blue suit, in a totally white room. Shaking himself, clearing his throat and getting ready. 238 more words

Flash Fiction


I love cycling round DUS, especially to the river Rhine and on to Kaiserswerth and back home via Nordpark.  Sometimes it’s good to have a reason to jump on the bike.  299 more words

Ex-pat Life

Human kindness #fail

Why have angel wings, when you refuse to fly?

Your jurisdiction of this place, is nothing

Tonight you are alone, this and ever night we debate our lives. 74 more words