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Theory is not a reality

Reading a book:


“Every action has a sexual equation.”

I remember this at all times


When I see HER

Nothing or… 14 more words


The edge and 7

I watched a man rape his footsteps

And a women molest her shopping bags

I had been committed for smiling.

Yellow is the truth.

What lies!!! 101 more words


Peckerwood: a rough-edged romp with the rednecks

Backwoods American noir is all the rage right now – I’ve read a half dozen this year already – and Peckerwood is among the best of them. 303 more words

Book Reviews

Truth paradox

Why would you believe it?

Because somebody said it on television?

You read it in the newspapers or internet?

You heard it on the radio, or on the street? 17 more words


Cat Nip

“Thanks very much noble cat, I wonder could you tell me your name and perhaps a little about yourself”.

“Well indeed it is no hardship to talk about oneself but it seems to me that your little troupe has the more interesting story to tell.” 434 more words

Herbert Harvey Hare

Automatically oblivious

Yesterday has been packed off to prison

For a desolate future

Exploited weakness have been obtained.

Weight watchers petition Britain

Jihad dancing is bad news for fun, 83 more words


Talking to a brick wall

The world is full of good and compassionate people

I know this

But they are dwarfed

By ignorance and idiots.

I sometimes get more sense… 58 more words