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Theory is not a reality

Reading a book:


“Every action has a sexual equation.”

I remember this at all times


When I see HER

Nothing or… 14 more words


The edge and 7

I watched a man rape his footsteps

And a women molest her shopping bags

I had been committed for smiling.

Yellow is the truth.

What lies!!! 101 more words


Human kindness #fail

Why have angel wings, when you refuse to fly?

Your jurisdiction of this place, is nothing

Tonight you are alone, this and ever night we debate our lives. 74 more words


Talking to a brick wall

The world is full of good and compassionate people

I know this

But they are dwarfed

By ignorance and idiots.

I sometimes get more sense… 58 more words


Poisonous People: Label?!


Wouldn’t it be great if people, like bottles of liquid, came with ready-made warning labels already emblazoned upon them? If those who represented danger, or potential poison, had the skull and crossbones label slapped upon them as soon as their malign natures began to show… 502 more words

Daily Prompt

The British Boot - Punch Magazine, 1875

One line – By thumping our women and weaklings. That’s grand. – This is sufficient to tell about the British sadism. A good, but perverted read. 642 more words

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