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The Coachella 2016 Series: Fashion and Trends

Coachella is known for many things. The amazing set list, the interesting art around the grounds, the hippie vibes and the fashion trends. Fashion is one of the main reasons why people even go to the music and arts festival. 873 more words

Black Is The New Black

Event Planning and Information Technology - Module 5

Making a vlog (video-blog) post was definitely an experience. I’m sure with the right tools, I could have added more effects and gotten more creative with this project. 22 more words

Black Is The New Black

Analytical Technology Today - Module 4

From the beginning of time, humans have been recording things. Whether it is drawings of the hunt of the day on stone walls or recording how many red M&M’s you have so you’ll know if your sibling ate one. 230 more words

Black Is The New Black

The Cloud is Awesome, and Here's Why- Module 3

What really is the cloud? You see this technology everywhere, and you probably use it without noticing.

Wondering how Spotify knew what song you were listening to on your phone when you switched from your laptop?  411 more words

Black Is The New Black

London Is Calling

Photography by Melissa Enriquez

Blazer: H&M / Tshirt: Thakoon for DesigNation Similar / Leather Pants: Zara / Loafers: Primark , similar / Necklace Handbag: similar… 175 more words


Broccoli and Cheese Egg Whites in a Mug

Mug recipes are all the rage these days. As for someone who doesn’t normally cook, I need something quick and easy otherwise I’ll burn the house down. 178 more words

Black Is The New Black

Black shoes

♥Hello everybody!

I went to shop recently and came home with some black stilettos. ( uau …surprise!!…) . Then I put them right beside my other shoes and I realised that most of them are BLACK. 170 more words