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Black Women And The Idol Worship Of Marilyn Monroe

Riddle me this, why are so many black women and young girls idolizing Marilyn Monroe when there were and still are a lot of trailblazing black women to look up to? 244 more words

Black Excellence: Child Entrepreneur Edition

Leena Archer
Company:Leanna’s Inc

At 9 years old Leena launched her own line of natural hair-care products. Her great-grandmother in Haiti had a special recipe for hair pomade, and Archer used that recipe to begin a line of oils, hairdressings, and conditioners. 978 more words

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Introducing: Pleasure House

Introducing: Pleasure House
Hometown: Birmingham
Download: ‘Blow My Mind’ ‘Sunrise’

Pleasure House are evidently masters of upbeat production and pertinent lyrical narrative constructions. Their debut single ‘Blow My Mind’ boasts catchiness akin to fellow B-Town band, Peace, whilst frontman Alex Heffernan’s confident vocal oozes originality. 183 more words



2008. The year of Boris Johnson and Barack Obama getting elected. And according to my Facebook ramblings the year I took on the might of British Gas, my crazy evil live in landlady and beat them both. 913 more words

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Racist Or Nah? Asst. Principal Doesn't Like The Black Kids [VIDEO]

So was it a joke or nah? No one’s laughing! The Vice Principal at Scandinavian Middle School was being recorded while speaking with another student when he was asked “Who doesn’t he like at the school!” His response… 83 more words

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School Nightmares

For some reason, my husband and I lucked out with our kids in the sleep department.  They’ve always been great sleepers; typically they’ll sleep a good twelve hours no matter what time we put them to bed, and they rarely wake up with bad dreams (although… 884 more words