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7 Lies Badass Bébé's Kids Tell That Black Parents Never Fall For

You better take yo’ ass to school, child:

I’m feeling sick today. I don’t think I can go to school.
#LiesIHaveToldMyParents pic.twitter.com/T9j3NbKhZv

— Cameron Grant (@coolcam101) …

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Here's what you indie kids were listening to ten years ago

All you needed to be a verified teenager in 2008 was a shit mix, a Tumblr account, the Skins boxset, and a good taste in indie music. 260 more words


Michelle Obama Gives 'Black Panther' Two Thumbs Up

Michelle Obama is among the legions of fans who have seen “Black Panther” during its opening weekend, and she is pleased.

Congrats to the entire…

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WATCH: Toddler Hair Blogger Shows You How It's Done

Beauty blogging is all the rage in the toddler community these days. Young kids who watch their parents record their beauty videos have taken their talents to the camera as well. 200 more words

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Watch These Kids Introduce Black History Month In the Most Adorable Way

They say that children are the future. And these adorable kids certainly make the future seem bright. In a video created by Eunique Jones Gibson, 138 more words

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Brave 7-Year-Old Saves Family In Fire

People.com reports:

A 7-year-old Florida girl is being hailed as a hero after her fast-thinking skills saved her family when their home caught on fire Sunday. 285 more words

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H&M’s South African Stores Shut Down After Protests Over ‘Monkey’ Hoodie

The backlash against H&M’s “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” has been epic. The Weeknd refuses to work with the retail store, LeBron James… 320 more words

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