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#ybnKids: A New Coloring Book for Curly Cuties (FREE Download)

Since starting the youngblacknappy blog over five years ago, it’s become more and more apparent to me how important representation is for the Black community. When mainstream media consistently reinforces features that don’t look like ours (pale skin, long blonde hair, narrow features, etc.) as beautiful, it’s difficult for Black and Brown folks to recognize the perfect beauty in ourselves. 470 more words

Natural Hair

The absent black father myth—debunked by CDC

by Frank Vyan Walton

We’ve been told, quite frequently and repeatedly that the problems in the black community that we’ve seen in Ferguson and Baltimore recently are not the fault of biased, paramilitary, paranoid and violent policing (even if the Bureau of Justice Statistics indicates that… 349 more words


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Tanya's comment: I admit that I also bought into the black father myth. Unfortunately, many black women have bought into it, too, and often blame black men when family problems arise. I have even heard black women say they hate dating black men for these reasons. I’m pleasantly surprised that the CDC took interest in this issue.

Irreplaceable Childhood Memories

Hello friends!

My other obsession is photography. I came across, Jamaican photographer, Adrian McDonald‘s work last week end. He is a wedding photographer. For this project, he captured kids at play. 56 more words

Inspiration Du Jour

Black Women And The Idol Worship Of Marilyn Monroe

Riddle me this, why are so many black women and young girls idolizing Marilyn Monroe when there were and still are a lot of trailblazing black women to look up to? 244 more words

Black Excellence: Child Entrepreneur Edition

Leena Archer
Company:Leanna’s Inc

At 9 years old Leena launched her own line of natural hair-care products. Her great-grandmother in Haiti had a special recipe for hair pomade, and Archer used that recipe to begin a line of oils, hairdressings, and conditioners. 978 more words

Black Community

Introducing: Pleasure House

Introducing: Pleasure House
Hometown: Birmingham
Download: ‘Blow My Mind’ ‘Sunrise’

Pleasure House are evidently masters of upbeat production and pertinent lyrical narrative constructions. Their debut single ‘Blow My Mind’ boasts catchiness akin to fellow B-Town band, Peace, whilst frontman Alex Heffernan’s confident vocal oozes originality. 183 more words