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This soup is a joke-soup

Yes, the color is not very attractive, it is April 1st. and the joke is that I am serious about it. Because if you like lentils your taste buds probably will close their eyes and be happy nevertheless. 258 more words


Mujaddara - A classic, Middle Eastern lentil and rice bowl!

Some days I want to curl up with a bowl of rice and lentils without really caring about the whole carbs are bad, carbs are not bad debates. 1,140 more words


Roasted Fall vegetables lentils and spices

Sunset 2015 serves 4-6, pre heat oven to 425°

  • 7 TBS olive oil – divided
  • 1 arbol or small dried hot red chili
  • 1 large celery stick diced…
  • 185 more words
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Chatambade / Masala Vadai ~ An Easy to make Tea Time Snack!

I have been based out of Bengaluru for about 2.5 years now. And Bengaluru has given me an opportunity to go some amazing road trips. And what are road trips without tea breaks! 577 more words


Adai ~ One of my favorite tiffins and Dosai's nutritive cousin!

Snacks are called Tiffin in the Southern India. They come in all forms, steamed, deep fried and even shallow fried. Often served as tea-time snacks, I usually prefer to indulge in a heavy breakfast with on of these tiffins. 338 more words


Dibba Roti / Minapa Roti ~ Lentil Rice Breakfast Pancakes from Coastal Andhra Pradesh!

From my previous posts and Instagram feed, it is pretty clear that I am a breakfast person. I stumbled upon this breakfast during my usual food blog stalking sessions. 479 more words


Idli Batter / Idli Maavu - Trust me this is a lifesaver, err... or atleast breakfast saver!

Every since I have made this switch to eating a freshly cooked breakfast instead of something out of a packet (read cereals, cookies, rusk, toast), planning meals is a bigger challenge. 818 more words