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Lentil Salad

Lentils range widely in size and color from yellow, red- oranges, greens, browns, and black.  The most common lentils in my local grocery stores are brown or red.   465 more words


Foxtail Millet Dosa

This recipe is a very easy one! It is a healthy breakfast recipe which is diabetic-friendly. The fenugreek seeds add an amazing flavour to this dosa. 159 more words


Black Lentil & Mango Salad

I cooked up some Black Lentils, which are also known as Beluga Lentils because of their resemblance in appearance to caviar. As soon as they were done I transferred them into a sieve and rinsed them under cold running water. 149 more words


Exotic Dal Makhani

Makhani, literally translates to Buttery in Punjabi. Dal Makhani, the North Indian sweetheart, is a delightful melange of whole Urad Dal (Black Lentils) and Rajma (Red Kidney Beans), laden with butter, butter, more butter and… cream :) 512 more words


Urad Dal/Black Lentils With Onions

Black Lentils with Onions is a very healthy side dish which can be eaten with parathas, jowar roti and roti. The onions and spices add an amazing flavour to the mild taste of the Black Lentils. 239 more words


Buttery Lentils

Dal Makhani

There are a few places where this dish is found on the menu, around our way, it almost always features with the caveat that you have to order a day ahead. 460 more words