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How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 155.

When someone is out to get you and you’re fighting a losing battle, the only thing you can do is have some fun at their expense. 256 more words


On Writing After Grad School: The Paint Swatch Project

One of the things I have a difficult time with is understanding how to meld together what sometimes feels like different worlds: my creative, sacred space of writing and my more logical, tangible “real” world of work and the everyday. 359 more words


Into the Maelstrom

Well, I’m not exactly sure how to start this, given that I’m not even certain anyone will read it at all.  But on the off chance that some sordid soul does come across this site across the forlorn depths of the net, welcome.   309 more words


Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei - Black Magic and Science, Review Anime

Thanks to Fifi, sudah mengopikan anime yang satu ini. Walaupun tokoh utama menjalani hubungan yang agak aneh dengan keluarganya (sehingga pening kepala Saya Bang), terutama adiknya yang menyimpan perasaan khusus kepada sang kakak (sebut saja… 1,881 more words


Singapore Black Magic

Singapore has a reputation for being modern, squeaky clean and orderly and we tend to think of Singaporeans as generally well educated, worldly and sophisticated. 429 more words


Tux Voodoo

A shot of a very small clay sculptures made by me (on the left here’s a tea candle) in a flower-pot, by night.
Tux penguin with a famous brand voodoo fetish make black magic ritual.