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Black Magic Sex

I want to take a girl – any girl
I want to use a girl – any girl
I’ll take that girl – that girl is mine to use… 99 more words


Animal 'Sacrifice'

The ritualistic color of the fabric of the clothes does not matter, nor does the environment or the rest of the symbols accompanying the deed. The ‘sacrifice’ (this is not really a sacrifice) of the life of another being for any immortal being is actually hurting someone else for the alleged benefit of the self (be it that entity’s favoring us or actually granting us powers), and so is black magic, short and simple. 96 more words


The Devil's Own - Peter Robson

Ace Books – 1969

I picked this one up from the bottom of the esoterica shelf in an out-of-the-way, used book store that mostly stocks old mystery novels. 981 more words



Sometimes magic is all we need ,

A magic to get everything we ever wanted.

Magic is nothing but an illusion, an illusion to see the best out of no where. 274 more words

African Theologising: Rethinking Salvation (III)

This blog is the third and last installment in the series African Theologising: Rethinking Salvation. Read parts (I) and (II) here and here. The series has been inspired by my reading, reflection and experience in the ministry in the last few months. 2,323 more words

African Soteriologies



Many, many years ago, in a little known village in India, named Jhilpaar, there lived an old doll-maker, with his pretty, devoted daughter, … 3,168 more words


Negative energy

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