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Shell Bound : Masamune Shirow - "Black Magic"

A fully-decked warrior points out to his comrades in arms, who are about to be deployed from a military helicopter: “We’re soldiers, not philosophers.” That’s from Masamune Shirow’s  1983 debut,”Black Magic.” It’s the standard intro to any number of action scenes  in movies, novels, and graphic novels: assorted mercenaries bantering and bonding over the noise of the chopper’s rotors. 195 more words

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Dennis, dead now five years
whatever fate devised took him
January 13th, 2011
an auspicious day
for a crooked

i’ll never forget
Jelinski, Lee-Anne issued me… 425 more words

Emerys Watchel

M.A.C Celebrates World AIDS Day In Lagos

Celebrities across Lagos supported M.A.C Cosmetics on Thursday, 1st of December 2016 by becoming an honorary M.A.C Artist to mark World AIDS day.

Every year on the 1st December,  M.A.C Cosmetics raises funds from the sale of its… 75 more words

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Kalia Masan -The most dangerous black magic

Black magic is normally practiced by Hindus, using things like lemons and chilies. The strings of lemon and chilies with negative energy prevailing in them are placed at busy places, and these things transfer the negative energy into the pedestrians who cross the string. 53 more words



The following is an article from a mainstream newspaper.


“A man was allegedly held down on a bed and cut with a razor in an Islamic exorcism ceremony because his wife had “cursed” him with “black magic”. 335 more words


Love marriage problem specialist

Life is thought-about in this capability a secret wherever nobody acknowledges what might happen in precise second within the life. after you begin to seem all starry saucer-eyed at someone then you are feeling the foremost bizarre and pleasant snapshots of your life perhaps and afterward you select to quiet down in your existence along with your adoration. 392 more words


What can a Black Magic Tattoo do to a corpse?

Thai ce­met­ery wor­kers pose wi­th the corpse th­ey unearthed c­lo­se to the Laos border, which still had its skin attached.

Incredibly, dozens of tribal bamboo inkings done while the person was still alive show a black magic spell for nothing to ever penetrate the skin. 48 more words