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The Revelation Of Lucifer

When the right frame of mind comes to me I paint. The subject matter can vary wildly, but in general it is of the dark and occult persuasion. 106 more words

Subversive Constructs

A Little Song: God Bless All ... by Alice

Dear Ones,

A little song to neutralize threat energy, black magic, curses, and the like.

In love, light and joy,

I have the copyright on this work (aside from any content I have attributed to others). 20 more words


Choosing a vocation. A tip from a Jack of All trades.

I used to envy people with one single passion, really, I thought that they had it easy for not having to choose between three or five or ten things you love to do, I used to think, over long periods of sleepless nights, that everything would simply go smoother if I finally found something, one single thing, in which I could pour all of my passion and work instead of being robbed of my attention by so many beautiful options. 604 more words


Black Magic

A 65-year-old monk has been arrested in Udon Thani for allegedly stealing one corpse and the head of another for use in black magic and get the winning lottery numbers. 232 more words


5 Reasons to Get a Color Grading Control Surface

This article was originally published on PremiumBeat’s blog.

A control surface is an essential piece of gear for professional color correction. Here are five good reasons why.

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Photo of another victim of Ondo juju's curse surfaces as villagers appease angry goddess with water

While the facts surrounding the deaths in the village of Ode Irelein in Ondo state remain unknown, the popular version is that a group of boys  who wanted to make a quick buck desecrated the shrine of a strict female deity known as… 122 more words