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Radio Raheem: Art vs. Life

Black Culture took a direct shot to the heart following the loss of actor Bill Nunn. Nunn was best known for his role as Radio Raheem in the 1989 Spike Lee Film “Do The Right Thing”. 528 more words

Black America

Goodbye to the barbershop?

By Kristen Barber

Cross-posted with permission from The Conversation on August 7, 2016 here

With their red, white and blue striped poles, dark Naugahyde chairs and straight razor shaves, barbershops hold a special place in American culture. 1,211 more words



Being black is like getting a headache from listening to the same tired old mixed tape on repeat. Except instead of your favorite songs, the tape is a compilation of senseless violence.

Being Black Is Like...

Gangsta Rap "Made" Me Do It

I always tell people “Anything I didn’t learn from my father, I learned from a rap song.” Most people think I’m kidding and those who don’t shake their heads in disgust, preaching that shit my grandma used to preach. 328 more words

Black America

Black Male Teachers Turned Campus Police

As usual my friend Chris Edmin beat me to the punch in his article Why Black Men Quit Teaching. The plight of Black males in education has been on my mind to lately. 910 more words


Pinafore Dress – Missy Empire / Shirt – New Look / Shoes – 4th and Reckless

I think every girls A/W wardrobe should contain a black pinafore dress. 129 more words


The Intro About Nothing

Growing up as a young, black male in this country is an experience. Even as child, the reminders I received about society and their opinion of my existence were indicators that I even 150+ year past slavery and 50+ years past the Civil Rights movement, the place of the black man in this country is still limited to the stereotypes and misconceptions held by those in position of power. 244 more words

Black America