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Freddie Gray and Eric Garner Didn’t Have to Die: Open Season on Black Males in America

Freddie Gray in Baltimore and Eric Garner in New York didn’t have to die. Before some of you begin to respond with “they shouldn’t have gotten arrested,” being arrested has never meant an automatic termination of life. 636 more words

Black Males

Who Is the Real Victim of Black Sexual Conquest? The White Female or the White Male?


Many on the White Right paint a social portrait where black males are committing wave after wave of sexual crimes against white women. According to this narrative most sexual encounters between blacks and whites are violent, with black males brutally raping, beating, and even killing white women. 2,572 more words

POINT EM' OUT! It hard to yell when racisms in your mouth.

Here I am again. At my computer writing another piece on the “Boys in Blue”. The main subject is use of excess force, blatant racism, and like I always say a pure lack of humanity. 384 more words

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Guilty Of Pigment

 Guilty Of Pigment

Most American armed forces personnel would readily die for the ideals of the USA. These patriots believe in America and its wholesome values. 259 more words

Failure To Listen


One of my favorite shows when I was younger was In Living Color with Jamie Fox, Jim Carey, and all them Wayans!  My all time favorite skit is when Damon Wayans tries to spell “conspiracy”… Proudly he pronounces, “conspiracy…C-O-N-spiracy”!   289 more words


"The Myths That Feed White Supremacy": We Need To Let Go Of The Lie Of Scarcity And Replace It With A Sense Of Sufficiency

Adrien Schless-Meier has written a thought-provoking article about the ties that bind everything from Nellie Andreeva’s questions about whether or not people of color are currently taking up too much space on television to the shooting of unarmed black men by law enforcement. 904 more words