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Put your hands up

It was bath time last week. Who knew bathing my 6 year-old-son would provide much more perspective on the words “put your hands up.”

As he soaked in his suds, I asked him to put his hands up–and then I stopped.  328 more words

What Else?

I’m raising a black male in a racist city that systematically, frequently, and with impunity kills black males.

If a white officer announces his intent to kill a black male, is recorded making that announcement, and then kills that black male less than a minute later and still is found not guilty, what else is there to do? 44 more words


Mirrored Hate

what does it do to you

inside when you see them

that so much venom

you save for them ?

i hoped for a girl… 291 more words

Marlon James

Marlon James is a 46 year old black male who is from Kingston, Jamaica. Currently he lives in Minneapolis and teaches at Macalester College. Marlon James is also a book writer and has written many books, one of the most famous ones being… 726 more words

I Feel A Blog Coming On... It's About A Man

I met a man this week. I know. Write it down on your calendar. Now before you get your maxi dress ready for my beach wedding. 464 more words

Single Mom

Baby Gangstas Accused Of Robbing Home To Buy Grills, Jewelry And Luxury Cars

What would you do if your teenage son gifted you with a luxury car? Well, in the case of the baby gangsta crew from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, their parents must have looked the other way. 790 more words

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Think About Your Mama

I remember a song or maybe it was part of a script from a movie. But the phrase “ think about your mama” always stuck with me. 480 more words