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Involvement of the Nerich clan in the ethnic clashes of Târgu Mureș

The ethnic clashes of 1990 is one of many sad chapters in Târgu Mureş’ proud history. Situated in Transylvania, at the borders of Szeklerland, the Mures Folk speaks many languages and belongs to many cultures. 139 more words


The Congressional Record

John William Warner, a veteran of WWII, served as Secretary of the Navy from 1972 to 1974 and as a five-term United States Senator from Virginia from January 1979 to January 2009.  1,318 more words

George Edwin Farrar

Laurie Newbold

More than a year had passed since George Edwin Farrar spent his last day marching across Germany and his ultimate liberation on May 2, 1945.  We Americans that know of the Black March probably picture the marching prisoners in our minds as American, but my father’s companion on the march was a British soldier, not American.  740 more words

George Edwin Farrar

Camp Movements

The February 1945 issue of the Prisoners of War Bulletin reported movement of prisoners from the prison camps.  In reference to Stalag Luft IV, where George Edwin Farrar, Harry Allen Liniger, and Wilfred Frank Miller were held, the bulletin reported: 392 more words

George Edwin Farrar

The March

Three of the survivors of the September 28, 1944 mid-air collision between Lazy Daisy and Lead Banana – George Edwin Farrar, Harry Allen Liniger, and Wilfred Frank Miller – were being held as prisoners of war in Stalag Luft IV.  370 more words

George Edwin Farrar

Doom and gloom

Democracy means what? Apparently it means police firing rubber bullets and tear gas, and blood pouring down the face of a protester at the miners’ demonstration in Madrid. 1,794 more words



Now that there’s only a week left in Black march I thought it to be a good idea to ask you to visit your local USED music and Video stores this weekend. 106 more words