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In a Venezuela Ravaged by Inflation, ‘A Race for Survival’

Venezuelans of all classes have been hit hard by sharply rising costs, and the economic turmoil has turned the most basic tasks — like food shopping and commuting — into feats of endurance. 73 more words


The Simpsons -- Prohibition

Springfield residents are clamoring to re-enact prohibition in town, but the City Council feels like the positive externalities outweigh the costs associated with alcohol. The County Clerk finds an old law for Springfield ordinance that actually outlaws alcohol. 21 more words


Law and Order -- Selling a Kidney?


This is a series of clips from the show Law and Order where the detectives uncover a doctor operating a black market kidney ring. The detectives debate throughout the episode of whether kidneys sales should be prohibited and if there is an efficient way to allocate kidneys in the market.


Narcos -- We Have Miami


The group originally agreed to have sole control over Miami and New York and share Los Angeles among the two separate gangs, but it appears that independent members have been poaching areas from one another. 31 more words


Brooklyn 99 -- Ramen as Currency


With Jake stuck in prison, he needs to find a way to get a cell phone. His prison pal, Caleb, tells him about an opportunity to get a cell phone from another inmate in gen pop (general population), but it’s going to cost Jake. 37 more words