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The Millennials: Black Economy in the Technologist Era

Apple, Blackberry, RaspberryPi – there were merely fruits to the baby-boomers. An iPad was prescribed by your optician. This was a generation of excludability, in both output and knowledge, where unless you were in the know, you had to buy patented goods from the patent holders at the price they dictated. 1,387 more words


The Deep Web

  1. What infrastructure components are most important for providing the surface Web to the public users of the internet? Researchers refer to the portion of the internet that is indexed by search engines like Bing, Google as surface Web.
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Wanna Help People? End the Drug War!

We’re taught that illegal drugs are a scourge on humanity, that their use is immoral and that legalization is out of the question. Yet far more of us, our friends, and our loved ones have been intimate with the destructive effects of alcohol and dependency on  1,047 more words

War On Drugs

A Word (And Some Gold Doubloons) To The Wise ...

As more and more writers warn of the impending world financial collapse, what lies beyond that we will profit by considering? Even the Pollyannas selling our present ‘recovery’ seem strained these day, as though they might not believe in their product. 471 more words


Chapter 3: Case Study 2 The Deep Web


The infrastructure components that are most important for providing the surface web to the public users of the internet are to provide these users with only the highly relevant results of what they have searched. 166 more words