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A Little Boy Wants to Write His Own Story

Here is a short video about a boy, Capri Hall (7). It’s one of the videos on Intergenerational Stories of Black Masculinity from the Museum of the African Diaspora. 100 more words


Am I A Nigger?



Am I A Nigger?

               Am I A Nigger?

                                                      Am I A Nigger?

And if the answer is yes? Don’t be afraid to show it! 35 more words

Race And Ethnicity

The Evolution (Or Devolution) Of Masculinity: Discussion on Susie Arnett's "The Testosterone Project"

Susie Arnett sits down with HuffPost Live Host, Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani, to discuss her series, “The Testosterone Project,” which explores society’s fresh take on the concept of masculinity and how it is evolving. 16 more words

Akil Houston

Call Me in Until You Need to Call Me Out

Reflections On Being A Leader in a Leaderful Movement

Rape Culture is real. It is omnipresent. It is destroying all of our movements.

I don’t know how to start this essay. 1,946 more words

Race And Ethnicity

 The Charleston Terrorist Attack: The Latest Attack on Black Masculinity-Kwame Rose

The Charleston Terrorist Attack: The Latest Attack on Black Masculinity
Kwame Rose | Editor Stacie Herrington

There comes a point in every Black male’s life when it’s time to have The Talk. 1,134 more words


What Would Eldridge Cleaver Say?

What Would Eldridge Cleaver Say?

Black virility? Someone forgot
it was there, didn’t know cool was hot.
That old type endures trauma.
Current model? Obama. 12 more words

"Gay is not only the 'New Black,' it has become the New Black Male"

There has always been a political agenda or push, to have the gay rights movement be parallel to the civil rights struggle endured by African-Americans. Second Wave feminism lead by Gloria Steinem and misandry-minded lesbians, tried to extend women’s liberation by subtly co-opting the black struggle; while at the same time, seducing many African-American women through their doctrine of liberation from the perceived oppression of authoritative male patriarchy. 1,664 more words

Black Women