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I Get It Mr. West: Maybe Kanye Is Not As Crazy As People Think

I’ve only caught the gist of what this man has been doing lately because I am not the one to follow the lives of celebrities. But I’m reading a few recaps of Kanye’s behavior as of late, all I can think about is how this black man is hurting and all he needs is some love, someone to talk to, and for someone to really care. 1,618 more words

In Betweens

How 'Moonlight' Can Reveal More About Us

Though the film, Moonlight directed by Barry Jenkins, has come out (October 21) only in select theaters nationwide, it has reached wide acclaim. 1,071 more words


In the moonlight, Black boys look blue

Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins and originally written by Tarell Alvin McCraney, is one of this year’s most critically acclaimed movies. The film has been named a big contender for the 2017 Oscars and is a direct challenge to the… 180 more words

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"You Scare People Ant"

As black male in this country, your word is probably more important than what’s in your bank account or what type of shoes you wear on your feet. 634 more words


We have all heard the phrases,be a man, stop crying, stop acting like a girl, dont be a pussy, man up, grow some balls, dont be a punk.” 726 more words

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"Nigga" Problems

As black males, calling one another nigga is seen as a term of endearment, something we take pride in. “If you my nigga, you my nigga then”.  625 more words

Black Man We Will Love You: The Fragility of Black Masculinity

Dear black men,

We will still love you if you love flowers too

If you choose to cry

When you feel weak

We will love you if you like to wear pink… 859 more words