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White Privilege is....Reflections from Abroad

​A short reflection on being abroad as a black man with everything happening in the US. These are ways I’ve noticed how I policed my body in order to survive, frivolous liberties I can’t enjoy, or thoughts I’ve had. 276 more words


Barbershop 3, A Review

My interest in Barbershop stemmed solely from the predominately black cast and black director Malcolm Lee. The difficulty in supporting black films stems from wanting to support such projects but still remain in close proximity to black consciousness. 861 more words


For the past month I have been reading (as indicated by the title) a fabulous book on the intersectionality of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation that was edited by a scholar named… 2,234 more words

Feature Fridays with Jay: Teen Black

So the other day I’m channel suffering and I bump into a childhood favorite movie of mine, Teen Wolf. Excited to watch the film, I immediately stopped and watched. 674 more words


Bleek's Gravitational Pull

From 21:08-21:44, Spike Lee places us in Bleek’s gravitational pull. Lee strategically uses the circular motion in Bleek’s trumpet practice and places him in the center to signify his internal psychology. 529 more words

The Deadly Challenges of Raising African American Boys

By Dawn Dow

In the aftermath of Baltimore’s 2015 civil unrest responding to Freddie Gray’s death at the hands of law enforcement, the New York Times published an Op-Doc video, “ 921 more words


#BlackMenGreeting - Recognizing Each Other’s Presence and Humanity

A couple of weeks ago the #blackmengreeting hashtag made its rounds on social media. I was reminded of when I was doing interviews for my dissertation. 1,104 more words