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Moonlight and Black Masculinity

“It cannot be taken lightly that white men are in control of the record industry as a whole (even with a few Black entrepreneurs), and control what images get played.

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Episode 19: The God Body & Masculinity 

As a man, it is a must that you get your body in order. If you’re a husband, father, or even a big brother you have to be in a shape. 405 more words

Royal Fanfare

I remember coming up in the early 2000’s riding down the Foothill strip with a car full of people that ain’t here no more. These people were my cousin’s potnas and I was just with my cousin because he didn’t want to go home, so he spent the night on our couch. 1,220 more words


Feeling (the) Moonlight

Moonlight is a movie about a boy growing up black and closetted queerness/asexuality. It’s about boyhood and masculinity in the US. It’s about kin, biological and found. 406 more words


Masculinity in the Eyes of the Black Male.

The following is an article pertaining to Masculinity in the Black community. This article correlates with the movie “Fences” to be an example of how the typical Black male defines masculinity. 470 more words

I Get It Mr. West: Maybe Kanye Is Not As Crazy As People Think

I’ve only caught the gist of what this man has been doing lately because I am not the one to follow the lives of celebrities. But I’m reading a few recaps of Kanye’s behavior as of late, all I can think about is how this black man is hurting and all he needs is some love, someone to talk to, and for someone to really care. 1,619 more words

In Betweens

How 'Moonlight' Can Reveal More About Us

Though the film, Moonlight directed by Barry Jenkins, has come out (October 21) only in select theaters nationwide, it has reached wide acclaim. 1,071 more words