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New Video: Aivoye Black Mask Review

What a way to start my first proper review on YouTube!

I tried the Shills Mask a few weeks ago, and this was ordered at the same time. 65 more words


My New Favourite Face Mask ... For Less Than £3!

I was having a conversation about these new fangled face masks where you peel it off when you’re finished and you can see all the gunk that you’ve cleared out of your face, and I decided to do a bit of research. 534 more words

On The Shelf: @BlackMaskStudio Preview of Young Terrorists #2 by Matt Pizzolo

American insurgents raising an outlaw army. Prizefights in drug cartel compounds. A secret war against shadow-government mercenaries hiding in plain sight. Sci-fi sex designed to rewire your brain. 207 more words

The Disciples TPB Review

In a future where our solar system has been colonized by wealthy elites, interstellar bounty hunters Dagmar, Rick, and Jules follow a missing girl’s trail to a cult on Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon.

647 more words

First Impressions of Shills' Black Mask

Hi guys!

I’m being brave and trying out a facebook trend. This mask has been going around my facebook page for about a month, so I looked it up on Amazon and bought it. 715 more words


Kingpin vs. Black Mask - Marvel vs. DC #44

Today it’s the bosses of most crime polluted cities in America that will have to face each other without their men.

Origin: Kingpin

For fat Wilson Fisk life wasn’t very easy. 478 more words

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