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The 'Black Mask' Hype - How Effective Is It Really?

After seeing this Black Mask suggested to me every 3/4 posts or so down my Facebook page, I started to pay attention to the videos of it and do a bit of research. 319 more words


On The Shelf: @blackmaskstudio Set To Release CALEXIT From Matteo Pizzolo

What if a fascist, autocratic President took over the United States? And what if that President lost California, the sixth largest economy on Earth, by nearly 2-to-1…a margin of almost 3 1/2 million votes? 499 more words


Review: Dewytree Premium Syn-Ake Black Mask

Daily Masking Saturday Review: DEWYTREE Premium Syn-Ake Black Mask

I bought it at US$1.12 for this piece. Normally black mask is more expensive than normal sheet mask. 139 more words


Kim & Kim

Fangirls I finally read a book that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately; Kim & Kim. It’s a neat comic from Black Mask. It’s about 2 Kims who bounty hunt. 206 more words


On The Shelf: @BlackMask Set To Release New Series From @MagsVisaggs

Mad science is the punkest shit there is. Teenage sweethearts Nat & Sumesh spend their nights breaking into abandoned superlabs to steal the parts they need to build a time machine – and they’ve just found the most important part. 92 more words

The Dregs #1 (Black Mask)

Rating: 4/5 – When Gentrification, Mystery, and Horror Collide.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall

The Dregs is not for the squeamish.  The opening sequence has a man being butchered and made into sausage which is ultimately served at a restaurant filled with trendy diners.  324 more words