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Worthless men part 2

Listen now I don’t mean to be offend but let me say some of you men are dutyy and wutless u mean to tell me you’re a man and you say you like someone but yet you’re in several girls inboxes pon Facebook eh ah way di rassss… 187 more words


Those whom are from nature return back to their roots when they die. You can’t permanently terminate a creation of nature, as there will always be a root. 282 more words



Well, you’re probably wondering why this blog is titled “Black To Nature.” This blog is for those whom are lost and have forgotten that they are indeed an absolute product of their environment; and they are indeed an extension of nature itself. 211 more words


Black girl chronicles part 9

It could all be so simple but you’d rather make it hard……

Can I just say that Lauryn hill the miseducation album is my favourite album of all time. 98 more words

Paul Ryan (White Freemason, Christian Zionist) Claims Black Men Are Lazy And The Cause Of Poverty In This Country

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) was on the conservative radio show ‘Morning In America’, which is hosted by Bill Bennett. Bennett is the former Secretary of Education under President Reagan. 588 more words


Pain, passion and petty!!

I’m clearly living in a cycle of time wasting procrastination is my wonderful friend f my life!!

I wonder how long it will take me till I get distracted by something else you know I committed myself this week to getting a post on my blog a week but knowing my damn brain the first two days are good. 388 more words