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Pickaninny N!glet N!gger N!gga

You now, it is amazing how we as black people talk about the marginalization and blocked economic opportunities resulting from systemic racism and white supremacy but yet and still, when it comes to self-identification, we refer to ourselves as niggers. 1,029 more words

Black Women

Michael Vick Apologizes (Again) For Colin Kaepernick Hair Comments

After Mike Vick made comments earlier this week that Colin Kaepernick should cut off his Afro if he wants another chance in the NFL, the Internet didn’t let up when it came to dragging the former NFL star. 220 more words


Black (Men)tality Part Two

Today the black community struggles with our men not owning up their mental issues. They feel like if they are expressing their inner feeling they are vulnerable or considered weak. 449 more words


hypermasculinization of Us (Black Men)

Hyper-masculinity can be loosely defined as a psychological term to describe male stereotypical behaviour with emphasis placed on physical strength, aggression and sexuality.

Boys don’t cry. 721 more words

Knees bent and follow through: Shooting my shot

I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel, and that folks is exactly what I did today. There were a lot of obstacles in the way of starting this venture, the biggest being myself. 307 more words

My Brother I Love You : a poem by Jazmin Gatlin

This poem was written 7/7/16 and never published.

My brother I love you
My father I adore you
My husband I need you
My uncle I stand by you… 329 more words