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Dear Black Man


I love you. I love you. I love you. You’re a special kind. Warm, but complicated.

I’ve been waiting my entire life for you to trust me enough to let me in. 816 more words

62. Coming to America? Take the hint and get lost.

Hot on the heal’s of the generous five days compassionate leave from work (superseded with work then telling me that my entire team is up for redundancy) I booked my flight as soon as I could and set off for the states. 2,026 more words


Open Letter To Event #Organisers ..' - #In14Ways #Aremuorin #MercyfulGrace

I’m a seasoned, super talented, multi award winning, professional artiste. I won, at least, 6 awards, this year alone, and turned down a few. My credits range from Obama to Macy Gray. 398 more words


Three Black Men Exonerated Decades After Witness Testimonies Ignored By Police Officials

Three Black men from Baltimore walked into the arms of their families for the first time in 36 years without being surrounded by guards on Monday (Nov. 1,126 more words


Woke Liberals Shame White College Student for Wanting to Date a Black Man

A University of Tennessee student shared a photo to social media asking the internet to help her track down a potential love interest – and was subjected to racist remarks from Twitter users about her whiteness. 314 more words

Sleeping Black Men and Woke White Women

It has come to my attention that some black men have bought into an idea of self-delusion. They believe white supremacy does not exist in-light of the over whelming evidence that it does. 247 more words