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A Message To The Powerful



1. having a strong effect on people’s feelings or thoughts.

Dear Black Men,

I know that the world has not been kind to you; in fact it has been nothing short of cruel.

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Black History Month

Facebook Pic...

I think this picture itself speaks a thousand words!

I actually took this picture from Facebook because it sends such a powerful message. We live in a day where it seems to be so common that our young men are ending up on the streets, selling drug, working in McDonald’s, becoming teen fathers and not taking care of their children or just doing absolutely nothing with their lives. 94 more words


Monday Mindset For Love: Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 everyone in the month of love! We are so excited that you continuing this journey to love with us.

Matters of the heart must always be taken seriously, and you must be realistic with yourself. 183 more words


Black Basketball and stats. Heart> Stats

By Tareau Barron

My biggest gripe with today’s modern fan is this…… STATS, STATS, STATS. In my anti following the crowd head of mine, I hate it when guys and gals Stat drops. 651 more words


Do not touch us if you have no plans on making this home.

I just love this.



Black Poetry Writing Month: Write a Poem for Your Sons

A Note on My Son’s Face

Tonight, I look, thunderstruck
at the gold head of my grandchild.
Almost asleep, he buries his feet
between my thighs; 888 more words


Boxing Legends!

There have been so many great African American boxers. From lightweight to heavyweight that I am not able to discuss them all.

So many people tend to think that Joe Louis was the world’s first black boxing champion but it was John Arthur “Jack” Johnson was the world’s first black boxing champion. 273 more words