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If you be my Hercules I will be your Artemis, baby I’m not trying to be blasphemous but that is the best example of us. With our combined strength nobody can touch us. 173 more words

Flirting and the Jealousy It Leads To!

 Dear T,

My damn boyfriend is driving me crazy.  As much as I love him, lately I’ve been wanting to kick his ass.  When I tell you he is biggest flirt, I mean it. 

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Is There A Shortage of Good Black Men?

Author: Ashley E.

It’s a never ending conversation when it comes to a woman not being able to find a good man; more specifically a black woman trying to find a good black man. 889 more words


Excerpt from Gary Younge's Farewell to America

This is a quote from Gary Younge’s article published in The Guardian

“Terror,” the anthropologist Arjun Appadurai writes in his book Fear of Small Numbers, “is first of all the terror of the next attack.” The terrorism resides not just in the fact that it happens, but that one is braced for the possibility that it could happen to you at any moment.

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The Reckoning, Part II

It was an entire hour and a half later before the party was fully under way and my living room was full of grown folks drinking brown liquor, gossiping, and dancing in corners. 310 more words

Black Men

10 Things Guys Do That They Don’t Know Is Sexy [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Let’s face it, guys can try too hard sometimes to be sexy. But Jasmine Sanders gives us these 10 moments when guys are being sexy without even knowing it. 112 more words

The DL Hughley Show

In the Wake of THE Decision

Hey guys and girls,

Happy Monday to each of you! I was going to answer another question and offer some more advice today, but once again I feel pressed to speak my mind about something.   853 more words