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The best place I've been to for eyeglasses (A review,plus my story about my glasses)!

I  have to wear eyeglasses. I’m just not certain as to why I don’t have 20/20 vision.

Well, I guess I have to ask around. I had one day did something to… 319 more words

African AMerican Woman

Procreation: White is Right!

Some blacks still believe that marrying light complected or white will allow them to produce pretty babies.

If having color is negative, why do whites risk skin cancer trying to get a sun tan?   84 more words

Know Yourself

If you are unsure about

your self (who you really are)

you can not enter a relationship,

it is dangerous for someone 

else to think they know  7 more words

Graduation Recap

I still cant believe it’s finally over. Four long years. Four long years of cramming for tests, sleep deprivation, undercooked dining-hall meals and twin-sized beds. After finishing 416 more words


Killer Mike Drops Jewels About Legal System, Trapping & Race Relations

Killer Mike is always making sense, I enjoy hearing his concepts on life.  The trap music era is generating the money that the old crack eras did, the game in the street will never be the same.  Smarten up that hustle.


Healing the Hurt: Father-Absence Impacts the Mental Health of Black Boys

By Lottie L. Joiner

In Chicago, my cousin Charles sits alone in a house full of senior-aged women depressed after a stint in jail and hurtful divorce. 527 more words


Why was valedictorian Andrew Jones denied the right to march at his graduation?

Andrew Jones was top of his class and scheduled to deliver a commencement address, but he had a beard. He had been told on more than one occasion that he would have to shave the beard according to school policy. 38 more words

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