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{VIDEO} "10 Things I want to say to a Black Man"

As the weekend approahes we are here for this beautiful poem.

Watch it here:


Notes on black male delusion...

If like me you are a computer bound office drone you’ll no doubt have suffered the lows of excruciating small talk, the awkward silences that fall in between the excruciating small talk and the gnawing anxiety that comes from wondering when the torturous deed will end. 955 more words

Black Women

DL's GED Section: Black Men Receive Longer Sentences Than White Men

A report has recently come out detailing that Black Men receive larger sentences than white men for the same crime. That’s a huge problem and DL breaks it down with a riveting and knowledgeable¬†commentary. 62 more words

DL Hughley Show Audio

Our Final Exodus

For four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and they will be enslaved and mistreated – Acts 7:6 NIV… 1,650 more words

Black Men

Dark Boy

Honestly, Dark boy would prolly love anyone who loved him back right. In every good and bad way possible, he had no preference.

He liked pretty boys who didn’t really talk about nothing. 595 more words

Day 18: The Right To Vote

You know that the women showed out in last week’s elections right? But, not just women. We saw men winning in town’s that saw first black men being elected, first Sikh or first immigrant. 377 more words