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Album Review: 12 Winter Moons Comes the Witches Brew- Arkheth

There is something very magical and mysterious emenating from the unique and eclectic sound that is Arketh. It is not everyday that one stumbles across an album this interesting and infectious. 237 more words


Whipstriker: Merciless Artillery

Mashing speed metal and black metal together in a cyclone of chaos and mayhem is Whipstriker, and rumbling through the hordes of deceased is their fourth full length… 442 more words


Album Thoughts | Nortt: Endeligt

One of my favorite Funeral Doom Metal acts has made his VERY long-awaited return. 10 years TO THE DAY after the highly acclaimed Galgenfrist, Nortt has finally graced us with some more top-notch forest-dwelling misery in the form of some of the lowliest, dirtiest and most dismal Blackened Doom you’ll hear this decade. 831 more words


Album Thoughts | Deinonychus: Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide

One band I’ve been fond of for about a decade now, is Bethlehem. In my opinion, one of Germany’s best Black Metal exports who have put out some of the bleakest and most disturbing and strident Black Metal known to the human ear, with albums such as… 876 more words


Eigenlicht - Self-Annihilating Consciousness

 At what point does a band become much more than a mere act playing instruments for the enjoyment of others? When does it become more? For many bands out there, metal is a form of discovery and enlightenment be it of a dark nature or holy source. 409 more words



Black metal is a genre that benefits from having atmosphere, and more and more, we’re seeing bands that are using atmosphere to create a unique and powerful release. 390 more words