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Satyrico Announce Final U.S. Headlining Tour

Whether you remember the noserings, the music, the black eyeliner, or the guy stabbing the ever loving fuck out of a couch in Until The Light Takes Us, Satyricon are truly memorable.  148 more words

Robin Goodfellow

Spotlight: Arkona's new album Khram

Arkona’s ninth full-lenght album Khram really surprised me, i was never that much into the pagan metal from the band and now i can’t stop listening to Khram. 122 more words

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Make a Change... Kill Yourself release first song since 2012!

Denmark’s depressive black metallers Make a Change… Kill Yourself have uploaded their first track in over six years on YouTube. Entitled “Once Awake”, the 22 minute opus is taken off from the band’s upcoming offering “IV”, which will be available on CD, MCD and LP as well. 28 more words



This quick review write up is about Spite, a black metal band from America who brings forth nasty Satanic sounds and VoidCeremony, a progressive/blackened death metal band that brings complexity and hectic sounds. 262 more words


Summoning Interview

I was incredibly fortunate to interview Black Metal legends Summoning last week:

1.   What drew you to black metal, and what made you choose the names you did for the band and yourselves? 423 more words

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Album Thoughts | Watain: Trident Wolf Eclipse

Watain is a great band to me, though I can definitely see why they turn some people off. They’re easily one of the most hyped bands in Black Metal today and I can see where that gets annoying and how it can attract a lot of tourists to the scene, and especially coming off of their last album, which was their most ambitious and experimental one to date (which in my opinion fell flat), that didn’t do them any favors either. 1,059 more words


Funeral Winds - Sinister Creed

 It’s very easy to become stuck in the past. With metal, loads of people refuse to look to anything past a certain period be it because they love the classic material so much that it can’t be topped in their eyes. 387 more words