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[REVIEW] Spectral Lore & Nachtreich // The Quivering Lights

Spectral Lore is an atmospheric, experimental black metal project. This project was launched in 2005 of a one-man-band from Athens, Greece. His lyrical themes are about the cosmos, nature and philosophy. 305 more words


Quick Album Thoughts | EPs

So, I just offered my mini-reviews on a bunch of full-length albums that I’ve heard in the last few months that I just didn’t have the time to review in full. 1,979 more words


Eneferens Needs Your Help

Jori the Mastermind from the band Eneferens has suffered a loss and had his gear stolen after moving, he has set up a Go Fund Me Campaign. 157 more words

Black Metal

Review- Slayer- Lamb Of God and Behemoth melting faces at St. Augustine Fl.

St. Augustine Florida is known for being the oldest city in the U.S., but on 7/21 Slayer, Lamb Of God and Behemoth, three of the heaviest acts in the country came to show the oldest city how heavy metal and death metal is done, and it brought in a sea of black the… 274 more words

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Theses on the Relationship Between Horror, 'Dark Music', and Critical Theory

  1. Horror has two strata: ‘horror’ and ‘avant-garde’
  2. There is a close link between the concerns of various currents in critical theory and currents of horror/avant-garde fiction: consider the similarities in concerns between the Frankfurt School and Kafka, or between French Nietzscheans and the Symbolists and Decadents (Bataille, being an avant-garde novelist as well as a critic, is an especially good example), or the connections between contemporary British theory and horror fiction (such that ‘theory-fiction’ is a genre born from the CCRU, and hauntology is both a critical term and a device used in fiction).
  3. 187 more words
Black Metal

Nan Elmoth - "Void Serpent" Ltd. Tape/Album Review

Hope and black metal are two terms that perhaps all too often appear incongruous. But just as quickly as one notices the plethora of run-of-the-mill black metal bands, so should they take note of those that maintain a good balance of keeping the old-school sound while maintaining their own identity. 238 more words

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