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VCs should give Latin America another look — VentureBeat

GUEST: Latin American startups are moving into the spotlight, and in the last six months, there have been big funding stories in the region, including Brazilian fintech startup Nubank, which raised $50 million, and on-demand food delivery service iFood, which picked up $30 million.

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Industrial robots will replace manufacturing jobs — and that’s a good thing — TechCrunch

There is no denying that the U.S. and Canada have been losing jobs to offshore competition for almost half a century. From 2000-2010 alone, 5.6 million jobs disappeared.

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Mophie’s universal smartphone battery chargers can be life savers — VentureBeat

Back in August, Mophie unveiled its latest lineup of universal external power chargers for mobile devices. The products include Powerstation USB chargers, Powerstation USB-C chargers for the newest smartphones, and Powerstation Plus chargers with removable tips.

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Google acquired YouTube 10 years ago today — VentureBeat

Ten years ago today, Google snapped up YouTube for a then-hefty $1.65 billion. In the intervening years, our concept of what constitutes a “big startup acquisition” has been turned on its head — we’re looking at you, WhatsApp — but nonetheless, YouTube represents one of the most notable and important tech startup acquisitions in recent…

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Sqreen’s security shield automagically blocks attacks on your web app — TechCrunch

French startup Sqreen protects your web apps and services with little effort from your side. If you don’t want to deal with security yourself, Sqreen is a software-as-a-service product that automatically watches for attacks and protects your server in real time.

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Reuters is the latest large news agency to embrace content automation — TechCrunch

Reuters is the latest major news agency to embrace content automation. Reuters isn’t replacing human reporters and editors with software and self-flying cameras quite yet. But the news organization has struck partnerships with Graphiq Inc.

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