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Such A Feeling

Such a feeling
tears in his eyes
in darkness he imagined the form of a young tree.
His soul approached vast hosts of
wayward flickering identity. 63 more words


Introducing Kids to Writing Poetry

In a previous post, we talked about reading poems to kids, but kids can also write poetry! Writing is a wonderful way to give children a chance to express themselves in a creative and constructive way. 408 more words


Trying out "black-out poetry"

I knew Austin Kleon from his book Steal Like An Artist. And since I followed his blog, I already got interested on black-out poetry. 190 more words


I Took Forms Out//

I took forms out of dots and lines,

I work with the black and white

Harmony is the essence.

I aim at the fire and water, 156 more words


Blackout Poetry Friday!

We’ve been away for a while, but here’s some poetry in case you’re really jonesing for a fix.





Ariel White Out

I decided to take a non-traditional approach to the ‘black out’ method of poetry writing. Instead I have chosen to ‘white out’, this is effective on a white background because it can give the illusion that there are no words concealed and that the poem was intended to look the way it does. 59 more words


Black Silk Drawing

“In painting
he was sincere”


I was skillful
in the supreme madness
that accosted me


Fools are
possessed of black silk drawing… 51 more words