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Tears of Life | Black-out Poem

Tears of Life
by j.kiley

Reach out
Be the quiet candle-light
Free the pure passion in love
With the smiles
Tears of life

© j.kiley ’17
Black-out Poem



Good day for writing. I got to help someone with a business plan which was awesome. Worked on a technical paper on best business practices in global health security. 157 more words

Summer Nights.

i wanted to kiss him.

i wanted to forget everything

just be there,

existing in the bubble

of the moment.

the first firework

went off… 106 more words


honey and curiosity.

Eyes of honey and curiosity.

God had made her deeply peculiar.

In a world full of conformity

She was black and white

In a world that envied color. 41 more words

Black Out Poetry

The Winter Him.


i tried to picture him,

in cranberry colored

scarves and turtleneck sweaters,

rosy cheeked

standing beside the Christmas tree.

i did not know the winter him, 76 more words


Trump's big ol' head and angry words

Black out poetry is harder than I thought. Not as hard as climbing Mt. Fuji in February; not as easy as a, b, c, 1, 2, 3. 132 more words