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Late to Early

The voices are getting more distant. My attention fades. I can still hear the question addressed to me but but my response hardly makes any sense anymore. 193 more words

Black Out

Data security doesn’t really seem to be a priority...

A survey of Belgian, quoted companies, commissioned by LCL, shows that only 3% of the targeted companies ever test their power backup systems by actually turning off the electricity. 307 more words


you are amazing - blackout poem, #2

you are amazing

and safe

it’s maddening as

an autoimmune disorder

y e t




the cure


Saint-Lazare opens emergency shelter after power outages

While the day dawned clear and bright Thursday, many Quebecers living in Saint-Lazare remained in the dark.

Hydro-Quebec crews in the western-Montreal town wade through knee-deep snow to access electrical lines. 218 more words


I woke up a little after 1 in the morning and the thinking machine started up. I wasn’t tired, so it didn’t upset me that I couldn’t fall back to sleep.

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Soul Growth

AKA Prom Nights 

San Diego. Gaslamp. Best Friend. Black out.

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