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Excerpt 6: Waking up from the Black Out...Or?

I held the shower to my face for about five minutes just so that the cold water could jolt my memory. I couldn’t for the life of me remember how I got from waking up in the guest house bed, next to my maid of honor to standing here; in what appeared to be my bath tub, holding the shower head to my face with my hand, that had a finger with two rings on it! 424 more words

#2023 - Three Stories from Indonesia


It has been almost two weeks since I arrived in Indonesia for my November 2017 Indonesia Trip. This, however, also means that this trip is almost over. 607 more words

Zilko's Life

Avoid Him At All Costs

I’ll be the first to admit it–I can be pretty slutty. Especially as of late. I have Grindr and Scruff both downloaded on my phone and get on Grindr a lot when I’m bored. 1,151 more words

Fade to Black

I have never had a use for alcohol. In high school when most kids are getting their first taste, I held a beer, once, during a parking lot party at the beach, and was relieved to abandon it, still full, on the ground when it was time to leave. 543 more words


Blade Runner 2022: Blackout

As background explanation for important narrative points in Denis Villeneuve’s new film Blade Runner 2049, he commissioned two directors to create a number of short films. 815 more words


SSI level 1 - third course day

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The third course day was all about safety and rescue procedures in the pool disciples ( 553 more words