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The Food Run

The munchies gnawed on Jackson. He ran out food yesterday and hadn’t eaten since the start of the coding marathon. Sugar and caffeine just weren’t enough. 106 more words


The Black Out Continues: Chicago Fire Supporters to Stay in Black

After this weekend’s activities friend of OTF, Mr. Marty Tomszak, brings you a soulful message of protest… 956 more words

Chicago Fire Soccer

I Get Ready With Hope - Blackout Poem, #1

I get ready with hope
You feel like my home
I am not immune
From your warmth
You are good naturally

Fall with my comfortably
For I enjoy us



Hi Everyone I’m so sorry for not posting since July, you guys have no idea how busy I’ve been, exam, work, tailoring school and lots more, I haven’t forgotten why I started this blog though, I’m going to post replicas real soon I’m still in a tailoring school, I hope I don’t loose our friendship. 72 more words


Black out.

Black out. http://ift.tt/1h1I31e @hillbilly560: Update on my car. I got the windows tented limo black. I left the front door glasses alone. #Transportation #Trending #Popular #Buzzing #Viral #Picture


Best Alien Drinks to get You Wasted

What are some of the best drink to get wasted on? Here’s my top ten. Yes, I’ve tried all this.

10. Tulaberry Wine

Grand Nagus Zek knew that this shit was great for getting into people’s pockets for latinum. 280 more words

Training for D1

Guess who is going to be rowing at OSU this fall?!?! THIS GIRL!

I didn’t think that it was going to be something for me because I am already planning on double majoring and I know that I want a life when I go to college but I talked with the novice coach a bit and all of the practices are reasonable in length time wise and fit into my schedule. 301 more words

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