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Blacking out is all the rage

So, I was listening to some chick on NPR talk about her new memoir — who doesn’t have a memoir out by now? — me…. anyways, she was talking about how she’d blacked out all the time and that black outs were not the same as passing out, but rather you could be totally awake and interacting with people but not remember any of it later on. 258 more words



Curled toes and shuttered sighs,

Lashes fluttering above void eyes,

Blacked out loves and sliced up thighs,

Lit at the funeral for my heart’s demise.

How to tell if you are an alcoholic

article by Sarah Hepola from http://www.BuzzFeed.com

My twentysomething social life was one long drink special. Margaritas with a crust of salt on the rim, a frosty pint spilling foam, and the always regrettable “Who wants shots?” 2,724 more words

Practical Stuff

Hungarian liquor

After 3years I finished this small pure alcohol. Hungarian liquor. And black out.
It is a fruit liquor. 


Surviving Blacking the F*** Out

If you’ve never blacked out, you’re a better person than most of your colleagues and a majority of the people you went to school with. In scientific terms, alcohol interferes with brain receptors in your hippocampus, rendering all memories from a certain time period null and void. 807 more words

Cool Story

His Song (Blackout Poetry 1)

Taken from “The Seer” by Averill Curdy
– Writingdilegently