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Happy 75th Birthday Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown  ran the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (BPP) when one of the original co-founders, Huey Newton was in exile in Cuba. Here are 10 things I learned about my Facebook friend and I have actually met her, … 238 more words

Arise 2.0

The Voice of Our Members

In Solidarity, Warren Williams President CUPE Local 15

February is Black History Month By Warren Williams, President CUPE Local 15

Sisters and Brothers,

I like the sound of that. 653 more words


Black History Month:Gun Rights

It is important to know that MLK’s ideology of non-violence was only one aspect, one wing, of the civil rights movement, and it didn’t really work everywhere. 575 more words



“The Black Panther” were can I start????

The Colors, The Symmetry, The Angles, The Depth,The Black People!!!
Non Colonized, Africa Perfected, Beauty Personified   #PERFECTION This movie delivers a message bigger than the cinematic event! 1,090 more words

'Black Panther Party' at the Ritzy, Brixton.

It is Friday night, and I am waiting for a friend at Brixton. We sometimes meet at the Ritzy, a local cinema and other events venue, and then decide where to go. 939 more words

Black Panthers

Bill Hampton Laid To Rest As Mourners Urge Public Not To Forget The History

Saturday, February 17, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Several hundred people filled the sanctuary of Proviso Baptist Church, 1116 S. 5th Ave., in Maywood, on Feb. 958 more words


UPDATE: The Liberal Desire for Gun Control is Going to Get Us Killed

(Pictured: propaganda from the Atomwaffen Division, the heavily armed Nazi cell responsible for multiple murders. Also pictured: the kind of people liberals think can be “debated.”) 1,670 more words