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Angela Davis For Sanders

Angela Davis, a radical public intellectual and former Black Panther, has praised Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for “raising issues that… never would have been taken up within the context of the campaign between two major parties.” 243 more words

Bernie Sanders

Sadies Barnette's Exhibition 'Dear 1968' Collides Family Snaps and FBI Surveillance Materials

Sadie Barnette‘s exhibition Dear 1968 is an exploration of family and political history. Barnette uses sketches, family photos and selections from the 500-page FBI file on her father, Rodney Barnette, member of the Black Panther Party. 157 more words

Activist Art

Dear Racial Nationalists, You Are Not Helping.

The Ku Klux Klan is an organization supposedly dedicated to white interests. To quote them, “Love of Race, Love of Nation, Love of Faith. This is our Goal — This is our Hope.” Now, this sounds like a lovely proposition. 481 more words


An Urgent Call To Black Panthers

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To serve and protect is gibberish in the black communities; they are regularly harassed by police officers, antagonized, brutalized, framed, civil rights violated, arrested on bogus charges or killed. 621 more words

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New Paperback Release: The Culture War in the Civil Rights Movement

“Boldly suggests that cultural organizing shaped the trajectory and spirit of the Civil Rights Movement.”—Journal of American Ethnic History  

“Street brings together many different cultural strands in this work and argues cogently that they were an important part of a movement that affirmed African American self-belief at the same time as it demanded freedom and equality.”— 391 more words



Above all the countless documentaries I have seen, this is still my favorite of all time. It sparks passion and sympathy and unveils how ingrained our white supremacist government is in our daily lives. 54 more words


TBR - To Raise a Clenched Fist to the Sky (The Panther Chronicles Book 1) by T. Thorn Coyle

1968: magic and tear gas fill the air.

Eighteen year old Jasmine Jones, hereditary sorcerer, steps off a Greyhound bus in Oakland and walks straight into the arms of revolution…

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