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Getting the day started....

Good Morning All…I’m up early ready to spend an active day with my 7 year old granddaughter.

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. California is bright, sunny and we are ready for the beach days.

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Mixed Up Flowers

Good Morning…I was drawing on black paper with white pen and planning a collage. But, the art took a different direction and then this happened! Have a creative day!


Good Morning

This morning I was  dabbing on the watercolor and blending the colors. After the large spash dried, the paper called out for some black ink.

Have a wonderful day.

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Forks, Spoons and a Toilet Paper Roll

Have a HAPPY day!  An array of different art today… first Forks and Spoons:

What to do with those toilet paper rolls… Why not a Vase.

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Lost and Found...and Letter H

Good Morning…a couple of new items today. I’ve been working on making a journal of words and pictures. This is one of new insertions. My life has gone through considerable change in the last three years, so the poem and art reflects my thoughts. 117 more words