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A Biography of Rodney S. Wead

For more than 150 years, North Omaha has experienced powerful leadership within the community. Some leaders have appealed to African Americans, some to white people, and some have created bridges to support all North Omahans. 891 more words

20th Century

A Biography of Harrison J. Pinkett

Over more than a 50-year period, one lawyer’s name stands out in the African American history of Omaha. He defended his community constantly, unrelentingly and powerfully as a journalist and advocate who commanded troops during the Great War. 1,703 more words

20th Century

Discrimination Survey Shows Who Americans Are Biased Against The Most

In recent years, U.S. public opinion has been divided about the existence and seriousness of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

Amid growing racial divides in civil… 985 more words


A History of the Lake-Charles Community Organization

Special thanks to Patrick Jones for inspiring this article!

Over the last century, North Omaha gentrification has acted like the backhand of white flight. Gentrification is an act of white supremacy that relies on and reinforces the power of white people to discriminate economically, socially, culturally and in other ways against people of color solely because of the perceived power of being white. 1,390 more words

20th Century

St. Louis Tech Hub Is The Network Minorities Need To Get Ahead

Are you looking to get ahead but don’t know where to start? Or have you already started a business but find there’s something missing to make it more innovative? 321 more words


Queen and Slim

“This is directed to whoever in listening range / A yo the whole state of thangs in this world bout to change” (Black Thought of The Roots “The Next Movement” Things Fall Apart album, 1999). 720 more words

Life And Dreams

An Interesting Confession – Are People Really Are Afraid of Me?

When heinous crimes are committed by men who look like me…I understand.

To begin, I have to set a baseline in the opinion that as human beings, I believe we all possess the power of empathy. 2,068 more words

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