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Number One Reason Why Writers Should Try a Structured Poem

In poetry, there are types o poems one can write that have a formula to them, such as, Haiku, Sonnet, Villanelle, Quatrain, Couplets, Acrostic, and many others.  269 more words

Creative Writing

Indie, Vanity, and Traditional Publishing

Today the publishing industry is not just limited to the traditional press. Writers are given more options to get their work published. What seemed to be impossible before can be easily achieved by many different writers. 669 more words

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Come to My Bed

Hi, I say to you
Come with me, come lay in my bed.
Come to my bed with experience and knowing what you want, not abuse and control… 167 more words


bedside blues: the rest comes.

the moon draped itself in sackcloth
the night you last breathed life.
and the darkness
that remains
envelopes our souls.

loving you was complicated — 90 more words


How to Become a Full-Time Writer in 3 Months

Being a writer is no easy-feat. You have to deal with a lot of things, and the most common one is being stuck in your 8-5 pm job while trying to make a career out of writing. 652 more words

African American Authors

10 Great Resources for Poets and Writers

As a poet, spoken word artist, writer, entrepreneur (and several other amazing adjectives), I found it very difficult to find affordable and practical resources to help better myself and my craft. 26 more words


wake up with me
every morning
i will
watch every day’s light
in your eyes.

wake up with my heart
touching yours
and… 51 more words