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Does this person exist?

Dark truths and nice dreams with no ties to materialistic things,

Who shines brightly behind the crowd and blends in with the light,

Deeply connected with self and no time of foolishness, 115 more words



You never knew tears fell behind the wall

Maybe you thought that because I was asking about you and remembering all the details of your life… 54 more words


Self Inflicted

Never was I into masochism
Pain was never my thing


With you, I had what Merriam Webster so eloquently calls “a taste for suffering” and my suffering must be seasoned with Lawry’s because it feels so damn good and I couldn’t stop partaking of its bitterness… 233 more words


Just a writer 2

So I’m just a writer and there were some lights on my wall that were fading. And yes that was a setting for them. I’m just a writer so I took those lights down because the other settings were just a little too bright and it felt like they’d never match my future. 211 more words


A Poem

It’s a poem if the words can live without you.

If the allegory can make blinding light shine from tombs
awaken memories
breathe them back to – reality. 67 more words