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Scary Garden Part 2 

I can’t lie, I get annoyed when she asks me to write stories with illustrations.

I’m all like, why can’t you just chill and get on the iPad like normal kids 😂 but these are the children that will help to keep creativity alive in the future. 67 more words



said the transient to transience:
here’s a token
for your time
you look lost
and may be in need of help.
i know those eyes… 131 more words


Finding my voice

I struggle with wording, I write something and immediatly erase it

Never satisfied with my efforts, I ferociously scribble over the half written paper, crumbling up my every  thought. 30 more words



My pen leaks streaks of unwanted truth.
That your “redefinition” is artificial.
That Nigga and Nigger are still
derogatory ‘til this day.
But, you’re too blind to see it, too lost to… 356 more words



across the street
my neighbours return from the cold
with their baby slung in place
and their dog running behind them.

they seem young… 175 more words


browngirlblues (no.1)

brown girl, blue.
tears frozen
on charcoal.

brown girl, green.
99 cent noodles in the cupboard.

brown girl, red.
on fire
under steel bars.

brown girl, black. 23 more words


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