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10 Great Resources for Poets and Writers

As a poet, spoken word artist, writer, entrepreneur (and several other amazing adjectives), I found it very difficult to find affordable and practical resources to help better myself and my craft. 590 more words

African American Authors

Life Line

Worship poetry not gods
Those that understand you
Cry between lines
And bleed through your pen
Fall in love with blank paper
And watch
As strangers fall in love with the person you wish you were


I Keep Asking God

I keep asking God, where are you?

I keep asking God, why ?

I keep asking God, are you just the white man’s God?

I keep asking God, am I next? 390 more words

Don’t Be Drab: Ways Authors Can Be Artsy (AND Dress the Part!)

Many authors are fluent in many subjects. Because they write about different topics and in different styles, they need a unique wardrobe to accompany their writing. 606 more words

African American Authors

We’ve Been Studied and Left Bloodied

When we were enslaved they studied us.

Tested us, looked at our genes, culture and power,

And then they stripped us of our ancestry and selflove; 642 more words


7 Ways to Conquer Writer's Block

Wanted to start with your article or blog but can’t seem to progress after seeing a blank page? Have lots of ideas but can’t figure out which one to use? 613 more words

African American Authors

[Poetry Submission] Being Black X DeMario Thompkins

Being Black…

Is being in the dark forever but recognizing the light.

Being black is being alive and living life,

And yet..

Remember the chains and whips? 214 more words

Black History