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It’s always fun to read old poetry that I thought was trash and discarded as terrible. Only to revisit it and find a spark ……

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7 Questions To Ponder Before Beginning a New Project

Before you start writing your next blog post, article, or book it is important that you ask yourself the following seven questions; some of them may seem simple, but pausing to answer them can considerably help you save time by concentrating only on the key aspects that determine the success of your project. 746 more words

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My Legacy...I'm Sorry

#AcademicHustler: My daughter…The love of my life. The one I sacrificed for in many ways. She will have a hard road ahead of her over the next few years and beyond. 201 more words

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Plan Your Own Virtual Tour

Okay, so when I first heard the phrase “virtual book tour”, I kind of rolled my eyes at the cheesiness of the entire concept. I figured it was yet another ploy to make people pay for a ridiculous service that was pumped up to sound valuable and in reality was just a waste of money. 1,445 more words

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Indie, Vanity, and Traditional Publishing

Today the publishing industry is not just limited to the traditional press. Writers are given more options to get their work published. What seemed to be impossible before can be easily achieved by many different writers. 669 more words

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3 Poems by Joshua Hart

Title Fight- You’re a Liar- Youtube Rip

An inverse kiss

never to live
well and cheaply
or together

Wildcat Flash of 10 Million Workers (Black Liberation French) 188 more words


How to Become a Full-Time Writer in 3 Months

Being a writer is no easy-feat. You have to deal with a lot of things, and the most common one is being stuck in your 8-5 pm job while trying to make a career out of writing. 652 more words

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