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O the irony

It’s not enough they did something wrong. What is really bad is they know nothing will happen because they are part of a system that pretends Black people don’t work hard enough but white people do because they can pay bribes. 31 more words


Black Ministers and Pastors

Leading Their Flocks In A Circle

     During slavery, the master was at the top of the hierarchy on the plantation as he was the owner and all decisions were either made by him or had his approval. 655 more words

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Paul Robeson

Career Denied

     Amidst racism of the early to mid 1900’s in America, a Black American dared to speak out on the atrocities being committed against Black people and the injustice being dealt out on other groups of people. 579 more words

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James Padilioni on the Wild Mind Collective: Visionary Scholarship Beyond Recognition with the Ancestors

In this special crossover episode of Epistemic Unruliness, James sat down with Kaitlin Smith, the founder of the Wild Mind Collective and host of their podcast, for an… 74 more words


Would Harriet Tubman Choose You?

The Dilemma

In her efforts to free Black slaves from plantations, Harriet Tubman had to be cautious of White people who were proponents of slavery and avoid being captured or killed by slave catchers. 523 more words

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