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It's time for a Black Run America!

The 2016 election marked the end of the domination of Uncle Toms and other house negroes over the Black community.

Blacks were given a choice between a… 174 more words

Black Supremacy

Obama's first year in office set standard for next wave of Black Politics

Changa and I recorded a video touching on this topic titled “What is the Post-Obama effect on local politics.”  Click here for that video, please subscribe, and bear with BE for future interviews. 1,067 more words


A Pilot Campaign

Blacks who are creating projects should be looking at business and project management models, since they need to create something effective, efficient and sustainable to the lives of black people… 323 more words

Social Upliftment


Let January 20, 2017 be a day of resistance and the start of us being #Ungovernable.

“Make yourself unavailable for servitude”- Toni Cade Bambara

We pledge to create a resistance movement that makes Trump unable to govern our oppression; unable to deceive the people, to make the people accept his reign of hatred. 168 more words

Black Politics

Stop Calling People Coons

With people becoming increasingly “woke,” I’ve witnessed some of the most horrific treatment from black people to other black people with different opinions. I’ve most likely participated in some of it as well. 811 more words

Race & Culture


Dhoruba al-Mujahid bin Wahad is an American writer and activist, who is a former prisoner, Black Panther Party leader, and co-founder of the Black Liberation Army. 6,228 more words

Black America

Afrikan Self Help: First Testament. Part 5. Revolution.

Revolution, is there a specific time period which a revolution should take place? Is it something that happens in due time, naturally? The majority will complain about the circumstances that they are in but only a small group within that majority will look for change. 520 more words

Black Politics