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#Blacklivesmatter.com - Reminds Me of Malcolm X Renown Revelation - You've Been Hoodwinked, You've Been Had, You've Been Took! - Sadly Once Again Black America

You’ve and many others are being led around by a narrative that does not reflect the whole truth. Like sheep, you appear only concerned about how much green grass is available in the field to munch on while ignoring the better weeds mixed with the sweat grass as you chew. 400 more words

Black Perspective

The Stolen Girls of Nigeria

I was sad to hear a mistrial declared in the case of Jonathan Ferrell whom Charlotte-Mecklenburg officer Randall Kerrick shot 10 times as Ferrell sought help following a car accident in 2013. 52 more words

Black Issues

Politics of Trans Liberation

Below is a piece I prepared for Solidarity Summer School Panel on Trans Politics last month. The question was: What are your thoughts on o… 1,585 more words


Black Liberation Strategies for the Masses?

Been trying to get my thoughts together about my frustrations with some recent protests and black progressives in general. Really don’t see a place for me on the Left, with liberals or progressives. 877 more words