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I have been hiding behind the idea that I may be taken the wrong way. I may be too extreme.

I think there is a shame that is put behind being a Communist similar to the shame that people including myself have tried to put behind Feminism. 901 more words

Black Politics

The BBC is right...,

OK so as a person of colour and a 2 time immigrant, this is well within my wheelhouse of topics and I can speak on…mmmkay! Obviously, oooooobviously racism isn’t something that’s up for debate! 457 more words

Social Justice

Say no to distractions

Blackface is un-excusable but Black outrage is not to be used for trying to sway votes. All that to say we not falling for all these distractions. Vote Liberal or NDP

Black Politics

Netflix's Trigger Warning [part 2]

Episode 4 has let me know this man is putting on a show! It’s either that or he has completely lost his effing marbles. What the heck does ‘white Jesus’ mean? 638 more words

Identity Politics

Netflix's Trigger Warning [part 1]

So there is this series out there on Netflix, called Trigger Warning. It done by a dude named Killer Mike, who’s apparently a big name in the rap game. 1,107 more words

Identity Politics

All my skinfolk...

Black folks in this country, those who were brought as prisoners of war and those that emigrated of their own accord, have a long history of names and labels that have been applied to us. 982 more words

American Race Studies