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If I was President for a Year, I would

One day I came home and checked through my daughter’s assignments and came across a paper titled, “If I was President for a Year, I would.” I read through the page that my daughter had so skillfully crafted; laughed a bit, smiled and thought back to my childhood.  175 more words

Larry Out!

I didn’t care for Larry Wilmore’s jokes Saturday night at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  His ending made me cringe.  I wish he’d ended with the something respectful that he said last night… 255 more words

Let' the Blackness Commence

A couple of things’

(1) I’m not sure if y’all been peeping it or not, but Obama has been showing out! Just a friendly reminder, Friday marks the last 300… 35 more words

Fact 15: First Black Prez: Barack Obama

In honor of president’s day, I’m dedicating Fact 15 to Barack Obama, the first black president. He’s been shunned on for him being a black president, only because there are a lot of racist individuals in the U.S. 488 more words


Happy Birthday Mr. President?

Proposed Bill Could Make Obama’s Birthday A Statewide Holiday

By Ken Hare

Chicago Defender Staff Writer

Illinois State Representative, Andre Thapedi and several of his colleagues are sponsoring House Bill 4654 which seeks to designate August 4th as President’s Obama Birthday in Illinois. 82 more words



Originally posted at VerySmartBrothas

Tonight will be President Obama’s final State Of The Union address, a culmination of eight years of the most powerful* man in America (and arguably the world) being a Black man from Hawaii. 579 more words

Current Events

Four Reasons Hillary has My Vote in 2016

Megyn Kelly: “If it is fair to question Mrs. Clinton for failures leading up to September 11, 2012, why is Governor Bush arguing it is not fair to question his brother for failures leading up to September 11, 2001? 1,343 more words

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