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OU's SAE racist rant | artikleblak's thoughts

They are the sons and daughters of those wicked ignorant lazy white bastards who enslaved, killed and hung our Black ancestors. U think that shit died with them? 243 more words

News Wire Diaspora

Day 25: Dwight D Eisenhower

This is going to remain up for debate, but it isn’t too far fetched. Having worked on my family tree, and saw a lot of the women of color in the late 1800s pass for white, I believe this is probably very likely. 268 more words


Joe Murmello says: Our Next Black President!!!

Joe Murmello, Joseph J. Murmello, Joseph Murmello has his vote lined up for the next Black President  of the United States!! Unfortunately, this young man won’t be able to run for 23 more years, since he is only 12, but Joseph Murmello can dream can’t he?!!??!! 168 more words


The First Black President and the American Police State: A Quick Guide

“Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” — Emma Lazarus (a Jew)  a poem inscribed on a book held by the… 738 more words

President Obama, ain't we Amer-I-can too?

Midterm elections are typically viewed as a mandate for or against the party that is currently in power. As a result of this year’s fallout the Democratic Party, by losing control of the Senate, has all but given away any semblance of real power on Capitol Hill other than the presidential veto. 1,156 more words

Voting: Are Millenials Too Busy?

I go to work, leave the gym and get to the polls by 8:50pm. Phew, I made it by ten minutes. I can still vote and get my voice heard, I thought. 771 more words