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Fidel Castro's prophetic prediction in '73

1973. The cold war is colder than ever, Richard Nixon swears in as president of the United States for his second term and the Vietnam War comes to an end. 174 more words


EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE: Africa’s disappointment with Obama

Politico — America’s first African-American president has arguably done less for the continent than his predecessors.

Beneath the ecstatic welcome President Barack Obama will receive when he arrives in his father’s homeland of Kenya on Friday is a lingering sense of disappointment. 64 more words

International Relations

RICK PERRY: Republicans, Race and Economic Opportunity for All

Wall Street Journal — Too often we Republicans—myself included—have emphasized the 10th Amendment but not the 14th.

From remarks by Rick Perry, a Republican presidential candidate and former Texas governor, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., July 2. 47 more words


Base? How low can you go?

If you believe that the world got better when America elected a black president, you might have some doubts after some of the questionable actions of President Obama. 97 more words

Absolute Piffle

Can Black People Be Racist? 

On Facebook, when I’m not doing a “Top 5 Greatest” status or a random post, I share a lot of things that I’ve learned or have thought of, or kind of figured out. 615 more words

OU's SAE racist rant | artikleblak's thoughts

They are the sons and daughters of those wicked ignorant lazy white bastards who enslaved, killed and hung our Black ancestors. U think that shit died with them? 243 more words

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