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One Time

We collaborated with an amazing artist from soundcloud for our two new tracks. His style was so distinct and so original, and our writing for the tracks just came to us. 381 more words

Mourning Freddie Gray/Fighting for our Freddie Grays

A heavy heart greets me this morning. Turning on the news, I’m faced with other heavy hearts thinking similar heavy thoughts. This is not the moment for headiness. 692 more words

How Can Black People Possibly Practice Racism?



to perform or do habitually or usually

Allegedly, we’re all one race, the human race, I find that quite interesting since last I checked humanity is a species not a race. 446 more words


Black Love in the Midst of Black Rage

Black rage fuels the efforts to advance in a world that deems me as the afterthought.

Has the black woman isolated her love in protest…? where do I start to unpack this Black love. 146 more words

Brit Writes: what they think of Us when We look like this (unedited)

To have a vagina
and a mouth like this
with this type of skin
means the precursor to everything that I am is anger.
It means that all the women who look like me… 306 more words

Effect and Cause

People seem to comfort themselves and each other with the idea that black anger is the problem,  and not a byproduct or a result or a predictable understandable human reaction. 238 more words

Politics! Feh

The Convenience of Reverse Racism & Angry Black People

The pre-modifying adjective “reverse” in reverse racism tells you all you need to know about the nature of racism, who is by it’s law,s at liberty to be racist and who isn’t. 733 more words