The next step in the transformation of our politics?

By Thomas L Blair © 11 October 2015

Labour’s Black political activists have always had a thorny cotton row to hoe. 518 more words

Black Advancement

A Study of Race in the US - DuBois on Black Reconstruction

Week 2:

WEB DuBois, Black Reconstruction, “Black Worker” and “The General Strike”

“Black Worker”

From its inception, US founded on principle of liberty for all and consent of the governed while maintaining millions of black folks in slavery. 1,093 more words


Reconstruction: Race, Labor, and Defining Freedom

The fairest minds of all their officials seems not to be able comprehend the difference between the “nigger” freedman and the white northern laborer.  
–William McBurney to Thomas B. 1,975 more words


My American Journey: Why Black Men Are Single (Written in Black English shorthand)

This seems to be an ever increasingly relevant and discussed question.  To be upfront and honest, I really can’t answer that question.  I would leave that to a more well informed, more versed, more traveled person than I.   1,322 more words

African American Issues

Not a Plantation but a Dependency

In previous post I have talked about the NAACP and how it’s mission has changed to now being an organization that only seeks to protects quotas and entitlements but does little to address the issues affecting the a sector of the black community.  2,332 more words

Social Commentary

Prof. Eric Foner Lectures on the Changing Views on the Reconstruction Era

Beloved by undergraduates and reviled by right-wing ideologues, Columbia University’s Eric Foner is arguably the world’s foremost authority on the tumultuous period of American Reconstruction (1865-1877). 104 more words

Black Reconstruction