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Move That Dope

My stress level is at an all time high.

I landed a new gig a last year that’s prepping me for the C-Suite in the coming years. 701 more words


How to Date a Strong Black Woman

Side. Motherfucking Eye.

I cringe when I hear the phrase “strong black woman.” There’s a negative, warrior-like connotation with being a strong black woman. Don’t believe me? 649 more words

Black Relationships

Christmas Gift

Summer is swiftly coming an end. The all-white parties are lined up for the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend. Now is the time to make those annual gyno appointments and stock up on seasonal supply of the Nuvaring. 1,165 more words


How to Fix a Cheater

NEWSFLASH |  They are NOT getting a divorce.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at this month’s Ebony Magazine interview with Mary Mary. Tina Campbell’s husband (and best friend) confessed to having an affair. 616 more words

Black Relationships

The Tortoise and The Hare 2013

No doubt about it. I’m a hoe.

I stare at random hotties on the street and the only thing that comes to mind is being picked up and shoved against my tufted headboard for hot, steamy sex. 576 more words


Why Are You Single?

I’m moody. I’m turned off by overly anxious, smothering types. I’m impatient and have low attention span. I like to laugh. I like fun, but laid back types. 1,042 more words


Wake up and smell the anesthesia

My trips to Chicago are usually brief and limited to family visits. My time of reign in the nightlife scene came to an abrupt end just before my move to NY. 961 more words