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Split Second: Velocity Opinions

With a looming console generation to belatedly replace the current one, it brings with it certain urgency. A need to tie up loose ends that may remain frayed forever as new, enticing experiences take priority. 1,839 more words

Yesterday's News Today

Presumably last week the game industry in its entirety was still recovering like lazy drunks in the wake of E3. I was raring to make light of some news stories but there was nary one worth poking fun of. 132 more words


Disney Closes Split Second Developer

Black Rock Studio the developers behind Split Second and Pure have finally been shut down. Disney the parent company had been working to reduce the studio to just a single development team and had been avoiding sending work their way, until finally closing them down for good. 48 more words

Video Game News

Rumour Confirmed: Black Rock Studios being closed down.

It’s a sad day when a development studio is closed down. All those games we’ll never see, all those ideas to never be realised and all those people out of work.  57 more words


Split/Second Skids Onto PSP

I didn’t even realize this was coming out until I got the trailer in my inbox, so here you go – now you’re as surprised as I am! 21 more words

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Split Second (Xbox 360, PS3)

There’s something oddly familiar when you first load up Split Second. It’s a faster than hell arcade racer that also has one eye on smashing up your opponents as much as possible. 913 more words


Completed Games: Pure

Developer – Black Rock Studios

Publisher – Disney Interactive Studios

Release Date – September 16 2008

Genre – ATV Racer

Pure was Black Rock Studio’s first game for Buena Vista Games (now called Disney Interactive Studios) after they where acquired in September 2006. 326 more words

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