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Singer-songwriter Lindsay Ferguson explores new musical directions

In the four years since Lindsay Ferguson released her previous album, the Bermuda-born, Ontario-raised singer-songwriter has settled into what sounds like an idyllic transatlantic lifestyle with her Swiss husband. 603 more words

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Fortified by time apart, Great Lake Swimmers find new power

Any concerns fans might have had about the Great Lake Swimmers floundering after their leader released a solo album were put to rest within a song or two at the Black Sheep Inn last Friday. 817 more words

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Music review: Patrick Watson thrills The Black Sheep Inn

Patrick Watson
at The Black Sheep Inn
Reviewed Thursday, April 2

Patrick Watson kicked off his 2015 world tour with a pair of sold-out performances at Wakefield’s Black Sheep Inn this week. 723 more words

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Quilotoa and the beauty of permaculture!

Our first stop, Laguna de Quilotoa, a very powerful volcano that exhausted all its magma in its last eruption after 14000 years of dormancy, and now has filled its crater with a beautiful lake. 1,012 more words

Singer-songwriter Lynn Miles embraces winter

Ottawa singer-songwriter Lynn Miles has a complicated relationship with the coldest season. Although she finds inspiration in the quiet stillness of a winter’s night, she abhors the cold and dreads driving in a snowstorm. 764 more words

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Ecuador: Llife Among Llamas

Contrary to popular belief, Living Abroad does not mean Always Being on Vacation. Here, as anywhere in the world, work and life stressors amalgamate to terrorize unassuming gringas until they precipitately purchase flights to neighboring countries. 614 more words