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Liber Oz: Rights and Responsibilities

It’s one of the best things Aleister Crowley ever wrote because it is wholly dedicated to expressing human freedom in its deepest and most direct sense.  41 more words

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Being right and getting even: it's hard to be an emo Satanist in this day and age.

Here’s another good passage from Phil Hine’s Prime Chaos on the Will-to-Edginess one finds in self-designated Left Hand Path magical groups:

In a culture where the edges of present time are crumbling into the future at a rate that is often difficult to comprehend, the sense of connection to historical time is vague, to say the least.

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Women in the Occult, Part 3: Denise Alvarado

Denise Alvarado is an expert on folk magic traditions found in New Orleans and across the US South.  She’s written some very interesting books on hoodoo and vooodoo and puts out a magazine dedicated to the conjure tradition.  181 more words

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Living a Magical Life

Up to my ears in client work (and mundane work) this week.  So today I offer a podcast that’s been making the rounds for some time.  40 more words

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Control Consciousness, Control Everything

“The perception and control of changes in states of consciousness, whether for purposes of magical development or of life generally, is supremely important. It is now widely recognized that our state of consciousness, and in consequence the accessibility and direction of our entire mental and emotional potential— thus to a great extent our physical potential also— is affected by seemingly minor circumstances, and can by their aggregate be affected profoundly: imaginative stimuli, the inner impact of dreams, the colors, odors, and lines of association with which we surround ourselves. 147 more words

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Do Your Best

I have a neighbor who looks like the separated-at-birth twin of Slavoj Žižek.  Rain or shine, Monday morning or Friday evening, he looks utterly dismayed at the stupidity of existence.  1,533 more words

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