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Seeking Justification in Spiritual Workings - Crescent City Conjure

I have always admired the work of Sen Elias at Crescent City Conjure.  He’s the real deal, in my opinion.

For my view on doing readings before workings, check out “ 20 more words

Black Snake Conjure

Af, the Angel of Punishment

Misery and suffering traditionally comes from hands of angels as often as from those of devils. Consider, then, what the essential difference between them may be. 231 more words

Black Snake Conjure

The Initiated Understanding of Religion

So many people who turn to the occult or to so-called “alternative” belief systems do so out of a sense of necessity.  Maybe the religion in which they were raised harmed them in some way.  544 more words

Black Snake Conjure

DuQuette on Practicing Goetia "by the book."

This month, I am giving private lessons in Goetic evocation.  Whenever I teach this (or, really, discuss it at any length with serious grimoire magicians), the question arises as to how strictly one should adhere to the methods given in the medieval grimoires.  259 more words

Black Snake Conjure