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Love 'em or Larvae (Tales of the Black Soldier Fly)

They are incredible composters, excellent sources of protein, extremely polite by self harvesting themselves and might just be the alternate meat source that world wide dinner circles need to embrace. 652 more words

Food Glorious Food

One fish down...

I am so sad to report I lost a fish today. It was a little orange and black one. I hadn’t seen it for a couple of days, then yesterday they were all swimming brightly round the tank together, and I so enjoyed watching them. 332 more words


Caliworms aka larva of the Black Soldier Fly are becoming a popular pet food for reptiles. They are far more nutritious than mealworms but I don’t think I’ll switch just yet.


Black Soldier Fly Digester Build Workshop

“Black Soldier Fly” — the name resonates with fear and dread, and perhaps even conjures an image of winged, facet-eyed soldiers wielding guns. In reality, black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) are useful native critters that chew through organic remnants, helping turn organic material into compost while producing tasty treats for chickens. 805 more words


Insect Farmers Are Ignoring Health Hazards

Insect are closely related to crustaceans. Multiple entomology companies are acknowledging this by warning their customers about the possibility of allergic reaction when consuming insect products especially on people who are allergic to crustaceans e.g shrimps. 311 more words

Chicken Dinner- Generating Grub (s)

Warning:  Disgusting factor on this post high.  Cute factor nil.  It’s about larvae.  For cute, click for chicks.

I had a hen die of natural causes.  349 more words


5 Questions an Investor Should Ask Before Investing into an Insect Farm

Investing into the growing industry of high-scale insect farming that has undoubtedly high potential is a case of high risk / high reward. The high reward comes from the growing and unexploited markets and the high risk from the limited knowledge and the undeveloped market environment.  732 more words