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Maggots, Mills & Boon

 So what do composting maggots have to do with Mills & Boon ?

Maggots live and multiply in decaying wet food waste. When one rakes a half-composted bin with maggots in it, it is likely that they are huddled together underneath the surface, mostly at the base. 429 more words


Crickets Aren't the Superfood They're Cracked Up to Be

Bug-eating evangelists like to talk about how crickets are caloric magic, claiming the insects can transform table scraps into a crunchy, healthy protein. A new study debunks at least one aspect of what’s being touted everywhere as the food of the future.

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Which insect species to farm for human food?

Welcome to my third blog post! So far I have got almost 300 different visitors to my site, thank you all for reading and spreading the word. 847 more words

Update on black soldier fly composting project

We have gone and ordered 1600 BSF larvae! They should be coming in this week.

Before they get here, my supervisor and I must build an insulating box to keep these buggers warm. 71 more words


Staff Lunch and Learn at the NC Arboretum April 15, 2015

Adult Yellow Soldier Fly

2 Yellow Soldier Fly and 1 Black Soldier Fly pre-pupa

Adult Black Soldier Fly

See how your spoiled lunch can become a healthy lunch for your animals!! 22 more words


Some fly larvae and Orthorexia

Here’s a quick update on my semester!

I’ve joined the Office of Sustainability on my campus. My project for the semester will be to test the ability of… 158 more words


Insects and sustainability are not crap.

In my first blog, “Animal welfare in insect farms”, I discussed why insect farming is more sustainable than livestock farming. On 17th of January 2015 an article “Are those edible bugs actually sustainable?” was released on MacLean’s website. 700 more words