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Accident This Morning with BSF larvae

We had a little effect from the hurricane Nate Sunday evening through Monday morning. I think this was because of high humidity……., what I found in the morning before going to class was the result of large migration of Black Soldier Fly larvae from my compost bin. 438 more words

Experiment with Black Soldier Fly 3


The larvae were collected 10 each for inside container on 9/14/2017 in the morning, 14 each for outside container on 9/18/2017. If I was able to collect them on the same day for inside and outside containers, it was an ideal, but unfortunately, it did not happen. 411 more words

Experiment with Black Soldier Fly 2


For collecting box, which BSFL migrate to in pupal stage, people use sawdust for the substrate for larvae to hide until emergence. According to Holmes, the best substrate is wood shavings among sand and no substrate because of its lower compaction density that the larvae can penetrate easily. 305 more words

Experiment with Black Soldier Fly 1


The other day, I saw many Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) were crawling out of my compost bin from the hole on the top. I was actually wondering how the larvae pupate because BSFL have the habit to migrate to dry cool place when they become ready, but my compost bin does not have a nice design for them to migrate out. 266 more words

Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is my favorite decomposer. They look like wasps, but fly. They are different from house flies that transmit diseases to us attracted to fresh food. 200 more words