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Nomenclature and Identity in Toni Morrison's Beloved

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If I was you I’d stick to Jenny Whitlow,
Mrs. Baby Suggs ain’t no name for a freed Negro.
– Mr. Garner

In the institution of American slavery, slaves were stripped of their native African identities, histories, traditions, and ancestral genealogies, in favor of assuming new identities as slaves subordinate to white slaveowners. 1,224 more words


Reading Notes: Fanon, Black Skin White Masks

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Fanon, BSWM (Markman translation)


Chp 1 The Negro and Language

Chp 2 The Woman of Color and the White Man

Chp 3 The Man of Color and the White Woman… 2,431 more words

Reading Notes

On Suicide // On Care: because life is hard, part 2.

The opposite of suicide is care. If suicide is defined by the act of intentionally killing oneself, then care is the act of intentionally preventing one from killing oneself. 1,406 more words


Bad Feminist

Bad Feminist, by Roxane Gay

Checking the reviews before I bought this book I found I wasn’t the first to wonder about the title.  There are certainly a lot of different directions a writer could go with the words “bad feminist”. 478 more words

T-Pain and “Can’t believe it”

T-Pain’s Can’t believe it music video resonates with the ways that black bodies are represented as inhuman, superhuman, and subhuman in visual media, enacting strategic resistance to these discursive formations. 123 more words

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The Charles Drew House

It is always thrilling when a single location on campus can pull together from the archival record multiple threads of Amherst’s history. In preparing for Professor Mary Hicks’s Black Studies class in research methods, we discovered the history of the Charles Drew House, a history which incorporated material from five different collections: the… 974 more words

College History

Osibisa and the British melting pot

During the 1950s and early 1960s, as the British economy recovered from World War II, increasing numbers of people from the Caribbean came to work in Britain. 109 more words

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