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Academic Freedom When our Dialogues are 140 characters or less

Have you heard about Saida Grundy? She was to start a new job at Boston University as an assistant professor this summer. So far, she still will. 686 more words


My Talk: "The Gospel of W.E.B. Du Bois: The Radical Savior of His People"

I will be delivering a lecture on Sunday May 17 at the Center for Marxist Education in Cambridge. I am pretty darn excited about my work on Du Bois, black radicalism, and religion. 213 more words


GoFundMe Research on black identity in Puerto Rico


My name is Michaela and I am a Master’s student in the Latin American Studies program at UT Austin. This summer I plan on examining the presence (or absence) of Black identity formation and resistance in Loiza and Carolina, Puerto Rico.

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Black People

Tumblr, the land of proactive conversations around race, gender, body, and sexuality constructs, poverty, and so forth. Also the land of little to no reading comprehension skills and denial but thats neither here nor there.

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In Souls of Black Folks W.E.B. Du Bois tells of the story of John Jones, a happy-go-lucky Negro from the small town of Altamaha, Georgia. John is a free spirit who’s always laughing, smiling, and singing. 3,155 more words


Constructivism Art (Typography in Motion)

As promised, this is the other work that is inspiring me to go with my gut and do the stop motion piece. I really like how its kitschy and organized and reorganized which is similar to the passage I’ve selected. 53 more words


Hello everyone!

Thank you for those who have visited my site, shared it, and sent encouraging words. It is very much appreciated. I’ve added a page for support with my PayPal donation button if you feel inclined to support my thesis project and conference adventures.

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