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It’s Not Post-Truth, It’s the Zenith of the Post-Modern Condition

You’ve heard it before. The phrase is so commonplace that you don’t really even need to be an expert to have a sense as to what people are talking about when they utter it. 2,269 more words


Blackness and Loneliness: Notes On Impossible Possibilities

It has been a long time since I’ve been alone. And the coat of its warmth reminds me of the impossibility of a pure black loneliness. 1,228 more words


Black Maine

Couple inquires about this and I’ve only been living here for a year now.

In 2013, it seems there was some kind of state acknowledgement that Maine should try harder to celebrate Black history because I found some pathetic write-ups in a few disparate organziations’ archives (couldn’t figure out where the education or honor was, just a frequent use of the word diverse…) 138 more words


5 Black Female Authors of All Time

Black women are beautiful goddesses, and one of the most educated groups of people in America. Little Black girls, need Black females with get pride and achievements to look up too, so they can aim for that goal and beyond it. 729 more words

African American

Martin Luther King Jr. Or Malcolm X?

The age old question, the choice of which separate the masses of the people, into two groups– Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr? A peaceful man or an outspoken one? 791 more words