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Afrocubanismo and art music

Afrocubanismo was an early 20th-century Cuban aesthetic movement that focused on the recognition, assimilation, and validation of the African cultural features present in Cuban society. 164 more words

20th- And 21st-century Music

Langston Hughes: The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes 

“The ultimate book for both the dabbler and serious scholar–. is sumptuous and sharp, playful and sparse, grounded in an earthy music–. This book is a glorious revelation.”–Boston Globe… 199 more words

Max Guy

My Journey with Black Studies....

For those of you that have looked around my page, you probably read that I am receiving my minor in African and African American History when my major has nothing to do with history (lol). 607 more words

Achille Mbembe: Critique of Black Reason 

In Critique of Black Reason eminent critic Achille Mbembe offers a capacious genealogy of the category of Blackness—from the Atlantic slave trade to the present—to critically reevaluate history, racism, and the future of humanity. 217 more words


Jegnaship: A Rites of Passage Model for Africentric Praxis

I was blessed to present my dissertation research topic at the 49th Annual International Convention of the Association of Black Psychologists in Houston


bell hooks: Teaching to Transgress

Cultural theorist hooks means to challenge preconceptions, and it is a rare reader who will be able to walk away from her without considerable thought. Despite the frequent appearance of the dry word “pedagogy,” this collection of essays about teaching is anything but dull or detached. 189 more words

Laura Jasek

Social-Justice: My Experiences as a Black Student

And here I am, a Black woman, thinking about my own experiences with social-inequities within my years of education as a young, Black child.

As I read, AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) programs are great programs for students due to the academic-rigor of their curriculum, but their lack of accessibility with many urban and rural schools is problematic. 520 more words